More Really Barfy Dating Advice on MSN

Seriously? What was MSN thinking? See this column, entitled How To Date Like A Man, by Erin Dailey.

Dailey’s premise is that women should take charge and do the things that men do to get what they really want out of dating. She makes a lot of presumptions and, and while I’m all for generalizations in the world of blogging, I think Dailey has done a sloppy job of offering “advice” and trying to be funny. At least I think she’s going for humor. The thing that burns my scrotum is that her piece ran in Marie Claire AND on MSN Lifestyle, so probably tens of thousand, nay, hundreds of thousands of peeps read it. Oh no, I think I’m…yes, it’s coming…OMFG…I’m going to HURL…


Okay, break it down:

1. Own the Room – Hot, well dressed women who walk into a joint like they own it will definitely get the pick of the litter. Only problem is, most guy don’t do this!! Most guys at the bar dress like salesmen and act like wallflowers! So how is this dating like a man?

2. Eye Your Prey – Except that most guys don’t eye prey, because most guys don’t act like hunters.

3. Fake Interest – Why fake interest? Why not actually have interest? This is where Dailey starts to break down because she assumes that when guys flirt [in bars] they are always faking interest. Not true. We’re actually interested in meeting cool people, it’s just that most chicks we meet in bars are not actually interesting, so we have to fake it in order to get into your pants. Just be interesting. If you’re interesting, then we’ll do more than try to sleep with you.

4. Take Control – Not so much. I prefer classic chick game where I call the shots and she subtly nudges me in the right directions via subcommunications. I call this chick mind control and it works just fine. If she takes too much control, she runs the risk of flipping the polarity and evaporating tension. Bad advice.

5. Sex Is Always On The Menu – She’s right, we’re always thinking about sex, but who is she talking to here? If it’s her female audience, they’re going to violently disagree with the NSA sex thing. Chicks rarely want to throw it around. More bad advice.

6. Never Exchange All Your Information – Lame. Who actually doesn’t exchange digits and stuff if sex is imminent? I mean in real life, not the movies? I will tell you something. If both parties have done their jobs in the little flirting dance, you will exchange information, and it will be totally fine.

7. Because He Will Call You – WTF? You want the guy to call, remember? Does anyone actually use the flossing cat line? The author is being irrational.

8. Calling Is Optional – This is were Dailey really goes off the deep end. She says that even if the date is good and you want to date again, don’t call.  Worst advice evar. Guys don’t think like this. We’re totally up for a followup, that is if you’re not a PSYCHO.

8. One-Night Stands Are Fun – One night stands are fun, they have a role, but this is sloppy. You absolutely can date and get into a LTR off a ONS. It happens all the time. Don’t make the ONS a habit, or you’ll get the clap. Again, her female audience is going to disagree, and generally speaking, this is impossible to execute unless you’re really skilled.

More crappy dating advice from MSN, weeee!

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  • Eric

    I guess she may have a valid point here and there in the article, but come on now; women behaving like men in regards to dating… That’s along the lines of chopping our balls off and handing them to women.

    This is why the Pick Up Community exist today, so guys are able to learn how to cultivate their inner-alpha male and become a better man in all aspects of life. IMO, I like taking a laid-back approach to things, because I don’t feel like I have to chase after every dress tail that walks in front of me…

  • dadshouse

    Any woman who follows Dailey’s advice will end up with some guy who lacks confidence, who she will dominate in the relationship, if there ever is one. If she wants a guy without balls, by all means…

    Great breakdown by you, Lance. Solid and funny, as usual! And yes, we guys do sometimes have to fake interest with a woman in a bar. It’s so random who you might meet. What are the chances you’ll hit on all cylinders?

    dadshouse´s last blog post…Miley Cyrus Slant-Eye Photo in Bad Taste

  • MindyMom

    Hi Lance,

    I just found your blog through dadshouse.

    I appreciate your take on that article, which I did not read. I rarely find that kind of thing helpful; too many rules and do’s and dont’s can mess up the natural process of dating. The old fashioned way has worked for ages and still does! The men chase while the women encourage them to, which you nailed perfectly with your intepretation of the classic “chick game” and “chick mind control”.

    That’s how both sexes find the person they really want.

    MindyMom´s last blog post…Hockey Date (or Not)

  • hunter

    Some one night stands are awful in bed. That is why they are what they are. And I have tried to teach, but, it is almost as if a woman doesn’t hear while doing the act.

  • The Dateable Dork

    I have a love/hate relationship with these dating advice articles. On one hand, I think they’re hilarious and wind up reading them purely for entertainment. On the other hand – as you mentioned in your post, Lance – the “advice” is often skewed toward a certain audience and won’t work for everyone. I think the main point of articles likes these is to attempt to give women a little confidence and encourage them to get back out there. I mean, do people really take this stuff seriously? I know I don’t.

  • searchingwithin

    I read the article, and I am hoping that she was attempting to be sarcastic, derived from some “man hate” going on within her.

    I hope women out there don’t read this dribble and try to follow it, except maybe number one.

    Nature has painted the way throughout evolution of how the mating dance is supposed to go, I don’t think this is going to change, in our lifetime anyway. No matter how hard women may try to sway from this, and continue to try and transform themselves into men. These woman are just going to keep asking themselves why they are spinsters, living alone with their 10 cats.

    searchingwithin´s last blog post…I Did Not Realize It Was Strange