The Ultimate Match.com Strategy Guide For Men

Have you ever paid $34 to get on Match.com, tried it for a month, and gotten absolutely nowhere? Have you ever sent out dozens of emails only to get zero replies? Have you ever struck up an email communication with an attractive woman on Match.com only to have her disappear inexplicably, never to be heard from again? If this has ever happened to you, it’s time to change up what you’re doing and try a new system.

We’re proud to announce the brand new eBook by Lance and Dr. D: The Ultimate Match.com Strategy Guide For Men.

“Why should I use Match.com to get dates?”

It’s simple. Imagine you’re a regular Joe, putting in 40-50 hours a week making your cheddar, hitting the gym at night, hanging out with friends and family on the weekends. You’re totally over the bar scene and besides, you never wanted to pick up women in bars anyway. What’s a guy to do to score dates? Where is the time to find them? The answer is simple. Use technology. Technology is making our lives more convenient in a zillion different ways, and dating is no different.

If you’re that regular working professional I described above who’s having trouble finding great single women, it’s time to get on the bandwagon and try online dating. Who’s got the most attractive, dateable women? That’s right, Match.com. Match.com has nearly 1.8 million subscribers with thousands more signing up each day. It’s a huge singles market, and prospective women are just a few clicks and an email away.

Not only that, but it’s relatively cheap. A one-month signup runs $34.99 and if you do a multiple-month signup, we’re talking about $20 or less per month. Peanuts. Even if you only get one lousy date out of it, you’re doing better than the guys who are spending hundreds at the bars every weekend and getting nothing.

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“But I’ve used it before and gotten nowhere.” 

If you’ve used Match.com before and gotten nowhere, and many of us have at some point, it’s probably because you’ve committed one or all of the major mistakes with online dating. These mistakes are:

  • You have a terrible primary photo
  • Your photo gallery doesn’t tell a story
  • Your profile reads like a middle schooler wrote it
  • Your emails read like you were wasted at 2am when you wrote them
  • Your timing is off
  • You’re not using the search correctly
  • Your message is going to the total wrong audience

If you don’t have the right approach and the right strategy, it’s no wonder you haven’t gotten anywhere yet. Online dating is just like anything else. Hell, it’s similar to real dating. It takes the right tactics and techniques. You have to know what you’re doing. The big differences are with online dating you can connect with women from the comfort of your couch, with a laptop and a cocktail, any night of the week, just by clicking around and sending some emails. Once you’ve got it all dialed in, it’s the most efficient way to get dates of any method out there by far. Oh yeah, and you’ll save a wad of cash and a ton of time.

The best part is, after reading our concise Ultimate Match.com Strategy Guide, you can be up and running in an hour.

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“Does this stuff really work?”

The short answer is an emphatic yes. The long answer is we’re just two regular guys who have been doing online dating for years–16 years combined to be exact, and we figured out what works and what doesn’t. We’ve experimented with all manner of profiles, every kind of picture you can imagine, every type of email message, and we’ve finally nailed down a system that works. We also reviewed thousands of profiles for both men and women and noted the best, the worst, and everything in between.

We interviewed tons of women and asked them what worked and what they expect when they subscribe to Match.com. We know what they hate and why they skip certain profiles and why they reply to others. We know the market for women on Match.com and we know what they’re looking for. We also went on dozens and dozens of dates and had several long term relationships that started from a Match.com email. All of that experience we distilled down and put into this eBook.

We feel strongly that there’s no one else out there with the same depth of experience we’ve had with Match.com dating and bothered to put together a kickass system for making it all work.

What’s even better is using our system doesn’t require any special skills. If you can write an email and take a decent picture with your smartphone, you’re good to go. You don’t need any special attraction skills. You don’t need to be a pickup artist. You don’t need to do cold approaches or know any routines. You just need to be a regular guy with a good lifestyle and an interesting personality. That’s it.

“What am I getting?” 

What you’re getting is a concise and easy-to-implement system that will help you get better results on Match.com. Forget about sending out dozens of email and getting nothing out of it. Our system will help you get dates. Here’s what we cover:

  • How to vastly improve your primary photo
  • How to tell a story through your photo gallery
  • How to structure your About Me text for maximum effect
  • How to make yourself sound unique, interesting, and attractive
  • Best practices for your Interests and other profile details
  • Best practices for your Appearance details
  • How to do power searches and targeted searches
  • Optimizing your emails to vastly improve your response rate
  • When to ask for the date
  • Tons of other tips and tactics

And besides that, we’re offering a free bonus with the purchase of the eBook. When you download the eBook, we’ll also give you FREE unlimited consultations on your Match.com profile for up to 3 months via email. That means you’ll be emailing directly with Lance and Dr. D and getting our honest, no-BS feedback to help you get your message right and your communications squared away. Wow, most dating coaches charge hundreds of dollars per hour for profile consulting. We’re giving it away for the price of an eBook.

“Ok, I like it. What’s next?”

The Ultimate Match.com Strategy Guide is available for instant download right now at a discount price of $29. This is our new product launch price and it’s over 25% less than the normal price of $39. That’s less than the cost of a month on Match.com, less than a bar tab on a Saturday night, and less than what you’d pay for a similar eBook about picking up women. This is the real deal and we guarantee you’ll get results.

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