Mashable Tells Us How To Get More Chicks Via Online Dating

Nice. My fav social media news site,, fired off a post that analyzed some stats about online dating. To make a long story short, guys should write shorter emails and send out more of them per hour to get a better response. Numbers point to a 1.71 conversation rate. That’s a pretty shitty conversion rate, but whatever. Chicks, as usual, have got it easier online, with a 3.43 conversion rate with short emails of less than 50 characters. Ladies…what the fuck are you writing in less than 50 characters that guys respond to? Leave smartalecky answers in comments.

Peeps, don’t forget to upload great pictures in different contexts to help make your profile stickier. Smile. Don’t look grim and serious. If you’re a dude, avoid looking like a douche, and ladies, please don’t tell us how much you love to laugh. We know this.

Update (for Jonsi): Yes. In the Mashable article they do say that (for men) longer emails garner a higher response rate, therefore Jonsi’s strategy of mixing in short emails to chicks with shitty profiles with long emails to chicks with good profiles would be more effective. Can’t argue there. Let’s be honest here though for a sec…how many chicks with good profiles are there? Last time I rocked it online, there weren’t many. Very few, in fact. There’s no question, too, chicks don’t have to write good profiles to get a lot of dudes emailing them. A few decent pics showing some cleavage will get hundreds of emails. It’s kind of sad, really.

For women, the real trick online is attracting quality guys, and for that they need a well written profile with some good hooks. For dudes, persistence is key. They MUST write good, catchy, and interesting emails in order to stand out from the noise AND they have to write lots of these emails. I recommend the Dave M. stuff if you really want some kickass strategies.


  • Jonsi

    Interesting article, though you are making the story far too short on the analysis. For men, shorter is better only if you are going to email many people in a short amount of time. That is a viable strategy when you first sign on to a site and aren’t being too discriminate (example: they mention emailing 10 people in an hour, and that 1.71 number is the number of conversations you’ll have for an hour’s work). Maximize your return on investment. I suppose my issue is that I’d have a hard time identifying 10 profiles and sending 10 emails in an hour, even if I were trying to be brief, unless my filter to email was “hot, or not.” You see, LONGER emails have a higher rate of response, it’s just it takes more time to write them, so you are effectively having fewer conversations with women per unit of time you put in.

    I think a good strategy would be to spend time writing long emails on the most interesting profiles — ones that actually say something compelling — and then be brief with all those horrid generic profiles that say nothing and you know nothing about her other than she is cute. In this way, you are maximizing your numbers AND responses from the people you find most compelling. Don’t waste time trying to compose a badass email to someone who doesn’t reveal enough of herself for you to express your badass self. Make her work for it.

  • Hammer

    Dave M’s stuff is the shit. You get a long email that is the same for every girl with only a couple of changes, and you can write and send them quick. 10 in an hour is really low. I think that 30-50 in an hour is more realistic for someone new to a dating site with lots of hot girls to sift through.

    Caring about what a girl writes in her profile is a waste of time in the first email. Really awesome girls will write shitty profiles, and lame girls will write awesome profiles. You’re much better off treating all profiles the same and putting some hooks in your email that will draw in cool girls and sift out lame ones. Spending time doing anything for a girl who hasn’t responded to an email of yours yet is going to backfire most of the time.
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  • Jayne at Dating profile help

    Actually length of profile doesn’t matter. Because if a woman searching for a real person online is eager to find one then she will not look into the length. She will most probably look into the content. How interesting this man is or how he wrote his profile. It is very important that we know how to write profile properly and what to write in it.
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