Mansformation Weekend Testimonial

(One of many highlights of the Mansformation Weekend)

In case you didn’t know, and there’s no way you could have because I didn’t announce it, I did an extended weekend in the Dominican Republic as an attendee of TSBMag’s Mansformation Retreat. TSBMag maintains an awesome men’s resource website: I want to give TSBMag and the hosts, Bobby Rio and Mike Stoute, some love before throwing out the lay reports and insights later in the week.

Right off the bat, let me just say the Retreat was FUCKING AWESOME. I had an amazing time, met a group of super cool dudes, and shared quality dialogue on a range of topics, including attraction, relationships, dating, sports, jobs, wealth building, and a dozen other subjects.

The Retreat was advertised as an alternative to a typical pickup bootcamp, and IMO it was much much better than a bootcamp could ever be. The structure was free flowing and we spent Thursday through Sunday enjoying the local scene, connecting as men, having awesome conversations, catching rays, and of course partying our asses off. We even did some team building and went on a day long whitewater rafting trip…what bootcamp does that?!

The structure was particularly brilliant. Instead of Bobby and Mike lecturing to the group of 5 students, which doesn’t take into account our individual skill and interest levels, we spent time conversing as peers throughout the retreat. At times we would be sitting around with all 7 group members talking about the same subject, and other times we’d break off and start separate conversations about whatever our particular interests and sticking points were. We did this in comfortable, fun environments.

An example: Mike Stoute, me, and 2 other attendees were chilling in the pool, drinking cervasas, and knowledge sharing on online game. We were free to join in the conversion or leave and explore something else.

Another example: Over a meal, we would all be sitting around the dinner table talking about the finer points of oral sex. Again, everyone contributed their experiences and offered opinions.

It was completely organic, comfortable, open, and worked perfectly. We were encouraged to lead discussions and add our own perspectives. Everyone’s opinion was respected. At no point did I feel intimidated by someone else’s experience. The attendees were all intelligent, articulate dudes, and the hosts encouraged us to define our own workshop experience.

There was a good range of age and experience also, from a 22-year-old PUA who specialized in online game to an Asian graduate student trying to crack college game to a 33-year-old guy who was looking to find a cool girlfriend.

Okay, besides the learning, the fun levels were off the charts. We did a pool party at the villa on Thursday, hit the beach on Friday, rafted on Saturday, and hit the bars and clubs every evening until the wee hours. It was totally retarded how fun it was. The trip was literally the best party trip I’ve ever taken, which is saying something as I’ve done Mardi Gras, SXSW, Vegas, two Olympics, Cancun, Whistler, a shitload of spring breaks, and others. Let me just say this again: this was the best party trip I’ve EVER been on. Bar none.

(Way better than the lobby of a hotel)

Big ups to Bobby and Mike for organizing and putting on a great, value-packed Retreat. If you thought about attending and missed out, you fucked up big time. This was the epic trip we dream about. If the guys decide to do another one in the future, get your ass on board early and be a part of something special. I haven’t done a bootcamp before, but I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say this is the best trip in the pickup industry. I dare someone to argue with that.

Some great content coming this week about mi viaje en la República Dominicana, including nearly everyone getting laid (including yours truly) and some great personal insight.

  • MikeStoute


    I can’t thank you enough for an awesome testimonial, even more.. I can’t thank you enough for coming and hanging out with us. I had such an awesome time myself, it’s probably the best vacation I have had ever, we had some sick times.

    It was great meeting you too. If your readers are reading this, let me tell you that lance is just as cool as he comes off here. One of the most down to earth guys I have met in a while.. all integrity with this guy. I’m going to see you at SXSW buddy, right?

  • Bobby Rio

    I second the fact… this trip ranked up there with the top party trips of my life… and the best part was I got to meet cool guys I never would have had the opportunity to chill with.

    To Lance’s readers: Like Mike said… he’s as cool and down to earth as he comes across on this site…

    he party’s like a rock star.. and I’m sure he’ll talk about it in upcoming reports… HE PULLS CHICKS!!!

    Thanks for coming man…. it was a blast… and it will happen again I’m sure

  • dadshouse

    All right, next time you guys need to bring a single dad along and help school him. I know one single dad who goes nuts for latina women… Sounds like a great trip. Love the pool! Look forward to your reports.

  • DoctorNo

    Hmmm… what’s with the first pic guys? Is it authentic or just eye-candy? I believe it deserves an explanation of the setting this took place in… ;o)

  • MikeStoute


    You want to answer DoctorNo with some details?

    btw, that is me on the right holding my beer and dancing at the villa. 😉

  • Lance

    Absolutely authentic…these chicas we were hanging with did a lingerie show for the boys. See my Day 1 FR for more details.

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