The Weekly: Thanks To Our Peeps Edition

Earlier in the week I invited a bunch of bloggers to engage in a posting roundtable. The subject was simple: your best advice for being more attractive, a subject near and dear to Honey and I. We asked bloggers who ranged from personal development to dating coaches to relationship advice columnists. We were interested in engaging a range of perspectives and seeing what came out of it. I figured the advice would overlap and there would also be some real gems in there. I got the idea after reading Monica O’Brien’s post, Men Need To Grow Up? on the blog Twenty Set. She had some interesting ideas in her post, and in particular this passage struck me:

“…give guys a reason to want to settle down. Be interesting. Be lovely. Be someone worth giving up bachelorhood for. Sure, men need to grow up, but they aren’t the only ones.”

Her advice struck a chord with me and inspired my own post. I sent out invites via email to Honey and the other bloggers. Here’s who participated thus far:

Monica responded with What Women Really Want In a Man. Her post was short and sweet, with three salient points:

  • A man who makes her feel special
  • A man who challenges her
  • A man who knows how to “man up.”

Kickass advice. If you only do those three things, you’re bound to be in the money.

The blog Hot Alpha Female drops a killer piece called Why Don’t You Date Yourself!? – The Power of a Magnetic Personality. Take a look in a the mirror and ask if you would date the person you see. Simple premise, powerful thinking. HAF is on fire with this one.

Nick Sparks, a dating coach in Michigan, responded with top 5 lists of attractive qualities for men and women. Sparks doesn’t mess around. I love this line:

“…most guys will fall for looks, but if you actually want a guy worth having, then your energy and outlook on life are 10 times more important. Don’t be one of those girls who bitches and whines all the time just because most guys will put up with it because of your beauty. Any man of value will get tired of it very quickly..”

Besides reading his post, be sure to read his latest Field Report, which is PURE GOLD.

Natalie Lue, as usual, drops the knowledge in Attraction: 4 key things that make you attractive or unattractive. Hundred dollar quote:

“People find secure people attractive because they realise that they are the icing on the cake in that person’s life as opposed to the cake, the main meal, the breakfast, the snacks, the everything…It’s not attractive when you place the responsibility for your happiness on one person and derive it solely from them.”

Lisa Q, author of the blog 40s Singleness, busted out a pair of posts, How to Get the Girl…Advice for Men, and How to Get the Guy…Advice for Women. Both are excellent and should be perused immediately. Lisa poses this question, in her post for guys, how will you find what you’re looking for if you have no idea what you want? Let that little bullet gnaw into your cranium, gentlemen. Then read Lisa’s post for the answers.

And of course Honey offers her piece de resistance, What Women Are Looking For…Hell, Men Too! Clearly, not to be missed.

Big props to everyone who participated. We thoroughly enjoyed reading and commenting and your unique perspectives. It’s also nice to make some new friends out in the Blogosphere.

Have a great weekend! Much love.