The Weekly: Hope You Get Laid

Pimps, players, chodes, and alpha bitchez. It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to spread the love. Here are the cool blogs & sites I unearthed this week plus my shamefully unapologetic kneejerk commentary. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope everyone gets laid.

Greg Lalas, a writer with Boston Magazine, attends a Vin DiCarlo bootcamp in Boston and writes about it. See the article here. This is a longish and well written bootcamp review and history of one of the top PUA instructors in the industry. Lalas doesn’t pull punches. He’s less than flattering for the most part and allows a few (backhanded) compliments towards the end. Money quote:

Sure, seductionism makes me glad I don’t have a daughter running around out there. But, ultimately, Vin’s lessons aren’t any nuttier than those of more culturally accepted “gurus” like business legend Tony Robbins, or fitness freak Richard Simmons, or even damn Dr. Phil. In his own way, Vin’s a very serious thinker who spends his days refining his craft. He’s not merely interested in getting laid or helping other men get laid; he’s obsessed with finding a better way to teach men how to get laid so that no man will ever feel the way he once did—like a nobody.

I love this article because it gives context, history, and a review without any of the usual bullshit you read on the pickup forums. Good stuff. Incidentally, I’m a big fan of DiCarlo’s writings, and you can find a handful of choice articles here (he uses the pen name Woodhaven). Authored by a cool blogger based in Melbourne, Australia, Urbanmonk is a personal development site for “bliss, success, and love.” It leans a little far into Eckhert Tolle territory for my tastes, but there’s a ton of value here. Try this great post entitled, “The Art of Giving What You Don’t Have.”

Holy fuck, I discovered via Digg and it blew my head off. I mean, I seriously love it. Female blogger, she swears and uses the word cunt like it’s going out of style. If you’re a rightwing Christian dickweed or don’t like anal sex, this blog might not be for you. She blogs about everything, but seems to gravitate towards sex and politcs. Awesome. Check out her massively popular post, 10 things every adult should know.

Have you checked out What started out as a site to rate hotties on a scale of 1 to 10 has turned into a successful dating site. The concept is super simple. You scroll through pictures of real people and rate them. If you’re interested in meeting, you click meet. Your target decides to meet or not. If yes, you get contact info. Based almost purely on one picture. It’s fun just to scroll and rate people. I love it.

  • Albert | UrbanMonk.Net

    Hey Lance, enjoying your blog, and thanks for the link, I appreciate it 😀

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