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Honey's main interests are online dating, long distance dating, and long term relationships. She met her boyfriend on MySpace and they have been exclusive since their first date over three years ago. Currently they live in Tempe, Arizona. Honey graduated with her PhD in Composition and Rhetoric in May 2009. You can contact Honey via email here or online here.

Life Is What Happens

Hey, everyone!  Sorry I’ve been incommunicado for the last week or so.  Life’s been crazy busy, as it all too often is. Here’s a little taste of what I’ve been up to.

Update on My Happiness

I’ve been doing a lot better as far as my personal independence since my Philosophy of Happiness post.  I’ve gone out again with my sorority alum club and been to the gym almost every day.  Also, in a recent conversation, the BF admitted that he’d been at fault, too.  He’s really still in a lot of debt from grad school because his field doesn’t offer funding to grad students, and he also didn’t do a great job budgeting so there’s a credit card debt factor.  As a result, he can’t afford to do a lot of the things he considers fun, and he admitted that he’s been taking out the frustration about the results of his poor financial planning on me.  But I do have some news that is not only great for me, but which will also alleviate both our financial situations.

I Got A Job!

I’ll be managing a graduate program at the university here.  Everyone seems really nice (and really, really excited to have me–they called to arrange a second interview two business days after my first interview, and they called to offer me the job two business days after my second interview).  Some of the benefits of the job:

  • In the salary range I was looking for.  It’s not awesome, but like I said, within my range–and since this is my first real job and it’s kinda outside the exact field I was training for, I couldn’t really expect more at this stage.
  • It’s in Phoenix, which means that even if I do a nationwide search this year (which is likely) I can afford to be picky, because I have something great here.
  • My foot’s in the door!  The university here is HUGE (60,000 or so students) and although I was clearly the foremost contender for this job, I get the impression that every other job of the 25+ that I applied for was filled internally.  This means that the chance of promotion is great, provided that I do well here.
  • This job gives me the opportunity to learn a bunch of new skills, which will also serve me well whether I decide to stay in Phoenix or not.
  • The benefits are amazing–for someone who never had health insurance until grad school, knowing that I’ll have great medical, dental, and vision just makes me giddy.

I used the occasion to splurge on $300 in cute office-appropriate clothes (think Gap, Express, and Aldo), and then the BF took me out to a great vegan restaurant, Green, to celebrate before going out for drinks.  Awesome!

Bad News: Sick Kitty

No, not like The Dateable Dork’s sick kitty, but distressing just the same.  I took my diabetic cat to the vet today because I wanted to get her blood sugar checked, plus I thought my other cat had bitten her…um, rear end. Turns out she has an infected anal gland, and I spent $400 on the various labs and medications (including of course the blood tests I’d gone there for).

He recommended surgery (we’re hoping it heals on its own, as I’m living off my savings and won’t get a paycheck until mid-August), which would be another $300.  She’s had this problem before (though I had a different vet then who apparently didn’t know what it was and agreed with my assessment of a cat bite) so it is likely that she will have to have the surgery at some point.  Then I picked up her insulin on the way home–another $100 (for those of you who know anything about diabetes, she’s on Lantus, which is a preemo brand). And the vet now tells me that she doesn’t go through those $100 vials before they expire, so I have to buy new ones even though the old one is still half full.

Jeepers creepers–she’s a sweet cat, but an endless source of medical problems.  A little less than a year ago I had to have nine of her teeth removed (a complication of her diabetes) to the tune of $1300 or so.  Plus around that time I was commuting between Flagstaff and Phoenix, and the BF insisted we buy a $750 insulin jet because he was too wussy to give her a shot with a needle.  So this has been an expensive year.

Because she’s 10 years old, I imagine that soon I’ll have to start weighing her various health problems not only according to their cost to me, but also to her quality of living.  Not fun.

Woot, Vacation!

The BF and I are going to Prescott for 3.5 days next week!  It’s supposed to be beautiful, at least 10 degrees cooler than here, and very fun.  I’m absolutely stoked.  Not only do I anticipate a fantastic time, but it’s a nice little getaway before I start working (as well as an opportunity for the petsitter to administer some of the billions of meds I was given for Miss Kitty).

We’re also trying to see if we can plan a trip to Vegas in the next month or two, though I may have to re-evaluate now that I’ve had my kitty-related setback.  I’m going to stockpile some blogs for you folks and let Lance throw ’em up while I’m away, as I don’t anticipate the time or inclination to be active online.

Hope everyone is enjoying the end of their summer!  Summer here (at least temperature-wise) lasts until at least October, so I’ve got a ways to go…

  • http://cheekiebacktalk.blogspot.com cheekie

    All a blip baby, all a blip.
    Glad to hear it’s going better, and you have a job!
    I got one too!

    See, all good things come to those stupid enough to wait…lol.

    and snuggle your poor kitty for me :(


    cheekies last blog post..Some fun for you c*cksuckers…um, caution? contains bad words…

  • http://thedateabledork.typepad.com The Dateable Dork

    Congrats on all the good stuff going on these days! : ) Hope you have a fabulous vacation, and hope the kitty feels better soon. Yay, summer!

    The Dateable Dorks last blog post..A flashback, a newsflash, and a question

  • http://40ssingleness.blogspot.com/ lisaq

    Go Honey! That is completely, completely fabulous! Congrats! (and to cheekie too!)

    Sorry to hear about kitty…give her hugs for me! :)

    lisaqs last blog post..The First Mr. Unavailable in My Life

  • http://dadshouseblog.com dadshouse

    Congrats on the job! I love the shopping spree for “cute office-appropriate clothes”. Have fun in Prescott.

    dadshouses last blog post..A Great Vacation