New Year Resolutions? Seriously?

This is the first time I’ve ever actually written down my new years resolutions, which must mean I’m getting my shit together. I highly recommend doing this because it will force you to set goals and more importantly to analyze the process of reaching those goals. Basically, it turns into a personal action plan. The best way to do this is open a Word file and start typing. Save the file, refer to it every week or so, revise and update. By the end of the year, you should have a nice log that tracked your progress. If you have a blog or personal website, post your goals on it and let your readers know what you’re trying to accomplishment. These people will encourage you and give you a ton of motivation. They may also harass you endlessly if you put some ridiculous goals on there like I did.

Here’s me:

  1. Go to the gym 6 days per week for the next three months and get ridiculously cut. Need to actually work lower body every once in a while and not just chest and abs. Legs are like brittle little sticks while chest is pile of rocks in a leather sack. Looks kinda gay. Balance is a good thing.
  2. Train for a race, either a half marathon or adventure race, starting in the summer.
  3. Stop eating at shitholes like Taco Bell and Subway. Upgrade to at least Tijuana Flats and Chipotle. Maybe mix in some vegetables and stuff. Something green.
  4. Remove douchebaggery, increase pimpness.
  5. Achieve expert skill level with guitar on Rock Band. Get to at least a serviceable medium skill on drums.
  6. Date 5 women at the same time for at least 1 month. Practice harem maintenance.
  7. Don’t catch the clap or anything like that.
  8. Go out with a single uber-hottie for at least 3 months. Probably will not happen until after the summer, but I’m accepting applications now.
  9. Start home based business and turn a profit, no matter how small, by Q4.
  10. Find a good wingman.
  11. Travel overseas, doesn’t matter where, before 2009.

One dating coach I like is Tyler Durden, the CEO of Real Social Dynamics. He goes even further by making a video of his resolutions and posting on YouTube. You’ve got to admire that:


It’s a good thing to get yourself organized. Set goals, track your progress, master your inner and outer game, and unleash the Warrior King that lurks in your heart. Let’s dominate in 2008.