Is Performing the Best Part of Life?

Over the holidays, while watching The Nutcracker live on TV, I had an epiphany.

Here it is: Performance and the act of performing is critical to the human experience.

What spurred that thought was watching interviews with several of the kids who played major characters in the production. Even at a young age, children are very much aware that they’re on stage, performing, being judged for their performance, and growing as a result of the experience.

I look back on my life and recall the most vivid, most memorable experiences are ones where I’m performing, especially at a high level.

For me, most of these are sports and adventure related. Without these experiences, I can honestly say that my life would be pretty boring. Perhaps even meaningless.

Going a step further, without the various processes that led to my performances, I wouldn’t have many relationships. Those processes attracted the right relationships with the right people, and I value them more than my non-performance related experiences.

I think this is why we need jobs that are risky, give us authority, and puts us in front of our peers. It’s better to have a job where you manage a team and you’re always on stage, versus ones where you sit back and go unnoticed. Even better, owning the business pushes you to perform, because there is so much risk.

We need to be on stage even within our relationships. Performance can be sexual. It can also be social, where you and your partner perform together in a social setting. You could perform together physically, like in a sports competition. You perform together while dancing…now that I think about it, I think this is why women like dancing so much. It’s a performance.

This is why we get dressed up for dates. You’re performing on a date for your partner and for the public, and that’s a good thing.

This is a notion I want to explore more into 2012.

Here are some ways to add performance to your life:

  • Public speaking
  • Leading a team
  • Sports performance, like in a game.
  • Reading a written work to an audience
  • Coaching
  • Public performance like dance
  • Teaching
  • Going on a date or a meeting where you’re trying to impress someone

Add performance to your life to make your life more kickass. No performance = boring life. Let’s get ready for a great 2012!



  • Honey

    I did dance performances from when I was about 6 all the way through undergrad. I think the fact that I was Greek put me in a lot of performance-oriented situations, and in my current job I do some pretty significant event-planning. So yes, I agree! I actually signed up to get Improv Everywhere’s newsletters – I am interested in getting involved with flash mobs :-)

  • Anne @ relationships blog

    I agree that performing does enhance your life tremendously. I was a stage actress for 11 and a half years. I don’t do this any more, but I keep my foot in the door (so to speak) by working on TV as a supporting artiste when I’m not writing.