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International Day of Climate Action

In case you haven’t heard, the Earth’s

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climate is in some serious shit. Scientists have determined that the maximum safe level of CO2 in our atmosphere is 350 parts per million. This December, world leaders are meeting in Denmark to discuss next steps on this crucial issue, but the fact of the matter is that we’ve exceeded 350 already and, most likely, whatever the world leaders propose is going to be a drop in the bucket compared to what needs to be done.


Lucky for you tomorrow is the International Day of Climate Action! For more information on tomorrow’s events (of which there are over 4500 taking place in 181 countries), visit http://www.350.org. Get involved, especially if you have (or plan on having) kids – it’s not just your world, it’s theirs, and we’ve gotta clean it up.

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  • Jonsi

    350 will not happen for at least 3000 years without cold fusion. We’ve passed it, it will already take 1000 years to go back! We have hope for 550 ppm, but the scale of that will be daunting. The energy challenge alone is, well, depressing. Of course, if we don’t do it, we’ll have killed most of the phytoplankton that form the base of the ocean food chain and (with overfishing) eliminated 20% of our high value protein and for many people, their only source of protein, not to mention relocating hundreds of millions of people in Asia who will no longer have fresh water because there will be no more glaciers to melt to produce glacial melt.

    Of course, why listen to PhD oceanographers and atmospheric scientists. Really, tens of thousands of us get together at our conferences to plot out our left wing liberal conspiracy involving us each faking apparently independent research in order to obtain funding to fake more research and spread our godless agenda. RIIIIGGGGHHHTTTTT.

  • http://honeyandlance.com Lance

    Jonsi. You’re the man.

  • http://thedreamlounge.net Anthony

    Lance, you do realize there is a lot of controversy surrounding climate change right? It’s not well agreed upon at all. In fact many people don’t believe it exists at all…let alone that we are in great danger from it.
    .-= Anthony´s last blog …Takeaways from The Leap (by Rick Smith) =-.

  • http://honeyandlance.com Honey

    Until a couple of years ago, there were people who believed that real estate values always go up.

    And, to my horror, there are STILL people who think that for-profit education gives them “real” degrees. Ugh.
    .-= Honey´s last blog …How Safe is Too Safe? Or, Lance Blows Up Brazen Careerist =-.