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I Think I Have A Sex Sprain

Ouch.  It didn’t start out that way – I woke up the other morning with a sore neck.  This happens periodically if I sleep funny (and I think I’d ended up in the spare bedroom for part of that night because Jake took the good sleeping pills and was snoring…and that bed’s not nearly as nice/comfortable).  So I didn’t think too much of it.

But then the next day I went out for sushi and happy hour with a couple of friends and when I got back and saw Jake on the couch, I was overcome and we ended up having crazy sex on the bathroom floor (and P.S., why didn’t I ever realize before that if you have sex in a doorway, you can brace yourself at all sorts of angles that are otherwise impossible?).

Well, now I’m super stiff, it hurts to turn my head in either direction, and I have to sit on a plane tomorrow because we are flying to Vegas for New Year’s Eve.  I have been applying heat on and off since last night, popping ibuprofen, and scheduled an emergency massage at Massage Envy tonight after work to try and loosen myself up.  I’ve gotta go clubbing while we’re in Vegas, after all! 

Rounding out the activities I’d mentioned in my previous post, we’re going to Drai’s Afterhours Club for New Year’s Eve.  We picked this place at the recommendation of some of our friends who live in Vegas who’ll be joining us – they know the guy who will be working the door and think that it won’t be too much of a crowd if we get there before midnight (plus, we found a website with insanely cheap tickets).

We’re also going to go to Peepshow at Planet Hollywood, which is sort of naughty retellings of nursery rhymes and should be lots of fun.  I managed to save up a fairly decent chunk of change for the trip, which is good because we’re going to be there for 5 days (pretty long as Vegas trips go).  So no new posts for the next few days, but probably something crazy when I get back!

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    I wish I had a sex sprain, because then it would be a sign that I’m having crazy ass sex in wild locations, like the kitchen counter or hallway floor!
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