How to say “Bad Motherf**cker” in a job interview and get the job

This is a good one for our Alltop and Brazen Careerist readers. This is a cool job interview thing that happened to me recently.

I went through an interview process with a tech startup, except they’re not really a startup because they’ve been around for a couple of years and sell a product and are self-funded. But they feel like a startup because of the young culture and nerf guns and air hockey tables. So that’s what I’ve been telling people.

I got the interview because I networked my way, via face-to-face, through three people. First was a designer who connected me to the marketing guy who introduced me to the CEO. When I met the CEO, at a party, I chatted him up about football and sports betting and we connected that way.

The first interview was a phone call with an HR person. It was a screening call to gather some information and make sure I was who my resume said I was. He asked about salary requirements and potential start dates etc.

The second interview was an extensive sit-down deal with the CEO, CTO, and a project manager. They grilled the shit out of me.  Work experience, education, why I was leaving my current place, work and life history, hypothetical conflicts and resolutions, strengths and weakness, favorite foods, fetishes, etc etc, everything was asked. It was exhausting but invigorating. Because I knew they were serious and they took their people seriously and it sure as hell made me think. I excel in situations like this because I articulate well under pressure.

They made me do homework. I had to write a long email after doing research and addressing certain hypothetical situations. An example of this: strategies I would use to market our new product in a particular industry. I had only a very general idea of the stuff they produced, so I had to dig around to figure it out. This was a test to see if I was (a) serious, (b) could write, and (c) could research and analyze.

This process took several days, and the whole time I kept up a subtle campaign of connecting to the principals over Twitter, Facebook, and blog. Basically, I would tweet out a decent thought or a great link to a resource that was related to what they doing. Things like that, to show I was with it.

The third interview was an out-of-the blue phone conference with the CEO and a board member. On a Saturday. I had just finished running stairs on a hot day when they called. I was literally sweating bullets and exhausted from running. So, more grilling. The board member was a terminator, he dug to the core of what I was all about in like 3 questions. I sat in the grass under a tree and answered everything. These were the toughest questions I’d ever been asked on a job interview.

Towards the backend of the last interview I got pretty fired up and said two things. First, I said I wasn’t satisfied with being a scrub, I wanted to be the shortstop for the Yankees, metaphorically speaking. Secondly, I called myself a “bad motherfucker.” I wasn’t sure if that line would go over well, but it just popped into my head I think because the CEO was a young dude. So I called myself a bad mofo.

The CEO emailed me on Sunday and offered me the job. So you can say bad motherfucker in a job interview and make it work. But it only works if that’s what your potential employers are looking for, a bad mofo. It won’t work if the job you’re applying for is a job for peons and scrubs. Because they don’t want a mad mofo for that. They just want a worker bee. And it’s a little scary because now I have to live up to it.

  • Honey

    Kickass! Is this a full-time gig?
    .-= Honey´s last blog …How to say “Bad Motherf**cker” in a Job Interview and get the job =-.

  • T

    Rock on you bad mofo!


    .-= T´s last blog …The Gift of Truth =-.

  • dadshouse

    You mother f*cker! You ROCK! Love it.

    I just applied for a job and they had me do a take-home test. I aced the shit out of it. And they said they wanted to bring me in. Six weeks and countless emails later, they still haven’t “calendar’d” me in yet.

    At first I thought they didn’t want to hire me because I’m overqualified. Now I’m wondering if I should have tweeted their facebook page and call myself a bad mofo. Ha!
    .-= dadshouse´s last blog …Snuggle Season =-.

  • Lance

    What!? DM applying for a job?? Ridiculous.

    Yeah, as with anything, calibrate to the audience. I had some young interviewers who get pumped up with a strong take, so my line worked great. I applied for a teaching job like 5 months ago and that same line would have sank like a cannonball with the fuddy duddy old chick who interviewed me.

  • Kat Wilder

    F@#king fantastic!
    Things have changed a little in the marketplace, haven’t they?
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  • Boxing Bags

    Great story man – Its amazing what you can do with some decent online research before you try out for a job.

    Another thing a lot of potential employees don’t think about is what email address they apply with these days: Most employers the first thing they will do is search for your facebook or myspace page and make judgments before they even get to meet you
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  • Honey

    Yeah I think if I’d dropped the motherf&@cker bomb in my interview it wouldn’t have gone over so well :-)

    I hide my facebook and myspace information for just that reason, but it’s true that you friend so many people you just never know.
    .-= Honey´s last blog …How to say “Bad Motherf**cker” in a job interview and get the job =-.

  • Janak

    There’s something to be said for throwing yourself in the deep end to see what happens. At least you’ll find out what you’re made of, if nothing else.

    Good luck dude.
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  • Mrs. Money

    Wow. That is awesome! Good luck!!
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