How To Get A Totally Jacked Chest That Women Will Love

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Okay, who wants to have a totally jacked chest that will have chicks pawing at you? This guy right here does. Ups to Dadshouse who inspired me to write this from his comment in my post on destroying creepiness and improving your life.

Being fit has always given me an edge in dating. I’m in good shape and lean, but I’m not so muscular as to be intimidating. I am however obviously visually fit. Not that I work out for the aesthetics…I focus all of my training and working out to play sports as well as I can. The side benefit is that I look great. I get compliments all the time from chicks about my bod. Yeah, I said it. Boom.

Kat Wilder thought I was super douchey for pushing looks and fitness and I have to pooh-pooh that. People, please! When women stop showing off their boobs when they go out, I’ll stop showing off my pecs. Actually, I won’t, because I’m a dude and dudes like women with awesome racks. I like looking good when I go out and I want my dates to look hot also. So let’s just set that straight.

You know what’s really cool about have a good upper body? Chicks will come over and feel you up. Totally true. I have female friends and chicks I just meet randomly paw my chest all the time. It’s kind of weird. What’s really cool is that if they get a little bit drunk, they’ll brush their boobs against your arms and side of your chest. It’s freakin’ weird but totally nice. My current girlfriend is constantly brushing her boobs against me and I love it. That in itself is worth all the work. Having good fitness also translates to better body language and of course better health, which also helps with attraction.

So here is how I get jacked. This probably isn’t the best or most efficient way to get ripped like Jesus, but it works for me.

I work out a shitload, literally every day except for 2-3 days off per month. That’s a mix of weight lifting, running, rowing, and crossfit. The crossfit has had a huge impact on my fitness the last 6 months because it’s super intense and gets you jacked in hurry. I’m like the worst athlete at my crossfit gym and some of the veteran cross fitters look like warriors from the movie 300. No joke. They have ridiculous bodies that even I’m a little scared of.

To get a raging upper body that chicks will love to rub up against, focus on your chest, shoulders, upper back (lats), and upper arms. Caveat: work out your whole body, especially your core. I work all body parts and muscle groups to stay balanced and I can’t over emphasize the importance of that. It would be weird to  have big pecs, a fat gut, and tiny arms. So do everything.

Here are sample lifts I do per upper body part:

Chest: Bench press, chest fly, and tons of pushups. More than anythiny, the pushups really puff me up. I’ll do 100 pushups at the drop of a hat and sometimes 200 – 250 in a day. Yesterday I did 100 pushups and 35 pullups on my lunch break.

My max on bench is 225, which is decent for a guy who weighs 150. At the gym I might do 4 x 10 on bench @ 155, twice per week, on top of the everyday pushups and other stuff. I also do minor lifts that focus on the chest just to mix it up. My whole goal with my chest is to keep it strong to counter my back, which is also really strong.

Back: I row regularly so my back is crazy jacked, but you won’t be able to do that unless you’re a rowing stud like me. I also do lat pull downs and one-armed bench pulls with 45 lbs. Try those along with upright rows to strengthen your back.

Shoulders: Push press (95 – 135 lbs), military press, and pullups. Pullups are my secret weapon. I’m nothing special at them, say 10-12 from a dead hang, but I’ve taught myself to do kipping pullups and workouts where 100+ pullups are the norm. Doing 100 pullups in a day is completely ridiculous. Have you ever tried this? I have crossfit to thank for getting to that point. Last Saturday I did 150 pullups in one workout and I couldn’t lift my arms for 2 days. It was retarded, but it’s super effective and you get smokingly ripped.

Arms: Pushups and pullups are great for your arms. I also do tricep extensions, hammer curls, and bicep curls. I don’t care that much about biceps because I think biceps look kind of douchey AND I don’t need them to row, so I don’t crush them like some other guys. The look I’m going for is more triathlete and not NFL running back.

Misc: Core core and more core. I’m always doing situps, crunches, back extensions, and other stuff. I also run and do other aerobic activities to stay lean.

Looking for a structured program that’s well organized, will get great results, and has a terrific diet component? I do recommend the Adonis Effect system. I sampled the program a year ago and it’s terrific. Some really excellent, really fun workouts that are intense but still doable, and it works. Well worth the money.

So that’s basically it. I work my ass off in the gym and playing sports and chicks love it. What do you do to stay in shape? Do you think guys with rockin’ pecs are douchey? Opine freely.

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  • Honey

    I need to start getting back to the gym, though I recently joined a Meetup group that does lots of hiking, running, etc. I am not interested in running (doesn’t work if you’re a D cup, even with a sportsbra) but there are tons of beautiful hikes in AZ that I should be ashamed not to take advantage of. I’d still like to get a bike but can’t afford it just now.

    I used to be super into yoga, which is basically ALL pushups. I used to be a monster at this, too. I wish I could find a yoga gym that was convenient to work, because this is probably the thing I’d do the most of.

    Jake prefers jogging and is making steps to start working out again. He hasn’t done much since getting a job where he works 60-80 hours/week. His sleep disorder makes it very difficult to get up early enough to do it before work and when you’re not getting home until 7 or 8 anyway, very tough to get motivated.
    .-= Honey´s last blog …How To Get A Totally Jacked Chest That Women Will Love =-.

  • Shannon

    I certainly want one of those jacked chests. Let’s be logical, like you said, those of the opposite sex is more likely to notice fit people than out-of-shape ones. But it’s not *just* about that, being in shape causes a mental change and improves confidence, sort of like what GWNN said on her vlog video months ago.

    For as much weight as I have lost, I don’t have the body to show for it and doesn’t get that “female effect.” I recently had a bod pod test at the university to find I’m 86% lean/14% fat (164 lbs). My big, big flaw during my weight loss was not hitting the iron consistantly, not to mention get enough calories these days. So the dietician told me to bump it up about 500 cals and work my ass off with both weight and cardio, which I am doing. My personal goal for now is single digit, or 9% fat.

    My diet is very strict, I make most of my own food at home and count cals and grams to the T. As for weights, I got my own makeshift gym in the first room of my basement with a powercage and free weights. For cardio, I go to the gym and use their treadmills / pools / etc. In the spring/summer, I prefer to run outside on the track at my old high school down the road, making HIIT running far easier.

  • Girlwithnoname (Jackie)

    guys with pecs are douchey? um. no hon. not even close. peel me off of any guy with glorious pecs, then ask me that again.

    .-= Girlwithnoname (Jackie)´s last blog …What Energizes You? =-.

  • dadshouse

    I rowed crew in grad school, and I was ripped. Best shape of my life, by far. But women weren’t coming up and pawing me. The only time that happened was when I had a flat top haircut. Women would come up to me in clubs, even if they were with their boyfriend, and ask if they could touch my hair. It was a total magnet.

    Maybe I’ll give your workout tips a try. I’m fit from cycling, and have super strong legs, but my arms and chest could use some work.
    .-= dadshouse´s last blog …Just Breathe – Pearl Jam =-.

  • David Black

    (puts on pec-enhancing bra)

    Booyah! Watch out ladies :-)

  • Matt Savage

    Man, this just inspired me to get back into shape, I can’t believe how I’ve let myself go over the winter. Not that I’m that bad, but the beer gut has slowly become more and more noticeable, any recommendations for burning that shit off real quick?
    .-= Matt Savage´s last blog …Online Dating Profile Case Study =-.

  • Lance

    Do you have any cash for this? Do you live near a crossfit gym? The easiest/fastest I know to cut a bunch of garbage weight is do crossfit 4-5 times per week for a month…that is *guaranteed* to burn the weight off and build strength and endurance. I talked to a guy at my place on Saturday who said he lost 15 lbs his first month. Crossfit can be expensive, though, over $100/week if you go 5 times.

    If that doesn’t work, what equipment do you have access to and how motivated are you? I can definitely funnel you towards daily workouts that would work.

  • Matt Savage

    $100 a week seems a bit steep and I’m not a big fan of going to the gym, more of a “lace up the running shoes/calisthenics” kind of guy. It looks like Crossfit has some basic exercises that don’t require equipment so I’ll check that out.
    .-= Matt Savage´s last blog …Dealing with the Fear of Success =-.