How To Game Tall Chicks And Why Being A Short Dude Sucks

Salman Rushdie Padma LakshmiA commenter, V, found my post I Want A Tall, Handsome, Ambitious Man To Sweep Me Off My Feet Because I Love To Laugh! and had a major freakout about how chicks are shallow and weird about height, especially in online dating. Brother, I feel your pain. Here’s a taste of his comment:



Then Honey had a *really* strong reaction to V’s freakout:

“I am sick of reading about all these guys with enough inner rage over this issue to blow up a post office…”

Go read the post and then check out the comments. It’s pretty clear that height, or lack thereof, is a raw nerve for men and a huge sticking point for women. That’s right, I said it’s a sticking point for women, not the guy, and that’s what it is. Most chicks define themselves by their ability to attract men and on several levels it’s perceived (by the woman) that attracting taller men is better. Tallness is a prize, they make better mates, their children will be taller, it’s sexier, whatever. I won’t break that down further, but the notion is nothing you haven’t heard before. I think it’s great that Honey is attracted to a shorter guy, good for both of them.

I definitely have personal experience with this issue. I don’t consider myself short, but I am by no stretch tall either. I’m medium heighted. I don’t recall if I ever blogged about this, but the whole reason I got into pickup was because I got unceremoniously dumped by the hottest chick I ever dated after a single month. Why? She told me I wasn’t tall enough for her. In fact, she said she hated it when we went out and she towered over me in heels. Boom, just like that, I was out. After that little incident I resolved to NEVER lack choice or control in my dating life. I found the social arts, I read The Game, the rest is history. Now I date whatever I want.

Moving right along, if you’re a short dude and you’re getting blown off by tall chicks, here’s how you game them:

A. If you don’t want to learn social arts, you can substitute good game with the other things that attract chicks. This can be material things. Money is effective, although you really have to have a lot of it and be willing to spend it to overcome bad game and lack of height. There’s a lot of problems with attraction via money, namely that you’re still a beta douchebag and you’ll get dumped and used by chicks for your roll.

B. OR, you can substitute non-material things like intelligence, nice physique, wittiness, strong personality, ambition. Chicks really dig cool, smart guys, so you can overcome her height sticking point with coolness…which is really just saying have good game. I create attraction with good game, obvious good fitness, great personality, presenting well, and coolness. That combination works wonders for me and I regularly attract tall chicks. Basically, I put together a package that screams alpha and it overcomes her issues with height.

If you’re meeting a tall, hot chick for the first time, here’s how you play it

1. I establish my alpha-ness with excellent body language. This means good posture, nothing beta. Spread your legs slightly and aim your package out, either at her or just to the side. This establishes your comfort as a sexual being.  Have your arms hanging with maybe a thumb latched to a back pocket. I have a nice chest so I puff my chest out a bit to show it off. NO crossed arms, hunched posture, hands in pockets, no twitchiness, nothing like that at all. Look her in the eye occasionally, smile a lot, and project yourself firmly, but don’t overdo it. Just be strong and cool.

Sometimes I’ll project such alpha BL that it will cause her to wilt into beta body language. She will actually hunch over and kind of give you deferential BL. It’s weird but I’ve had that happen a couple of times.

2. I always tease and bust her a little bit during initial convo. That demonstrates that you don’t give a fuck that she’s taller than you and she gets the same treatment as everyone else. Make it fun and don’t be a total dick.

3. You want to project that you could sleep with this chick and it hasn’t even crossed your mind that she’s taller than you.

4. Indicate that you think it’s cool that she’s taller than you.

I have an example here. I was cruising around downtown with my gf over the weekend. My gf is tall for a chick, slightly shorter than me, and when she rocks the 4-inch heels she definitely towers. So when we rolled around downtown I acted like a big pimp with a hot bitch on my arm and I let her know that I thought it was cool. Don’t even consider discouraging her to wear heels. You want to encourage it and act like it turns you on. I even went a little overboard and acted all grabby and superpimp, which she got a kick out of.

Lastly, I’ll say this. Everyone has something to overcome. If you’re tall, you might be a dumbass with bad game. If you’re rich, you could be a huge asshole. If you’re really smart, you might have pimples. If you’re really good looking, you might be a vacuous idiot. If you’re a chick, you might have problems with weight, be concerned about getting pregnant, have tiny boobs, or have a million other issues that pisses women off. Everyone has something to overcome, short or tall.

Lastly, remember this: Good game conquers all.

Lance out.

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  • kiera

    Those 4 steps would definitely work on me. It’s all in how you project yourself. A short beta would nevvver have a chance. But I think the key thing is that if she brings up the height difference you have to shrug it off as a non-issue. Don’t play it up in either positive or negative extremes. It is what it is.

    However, I do have a height difference problem with kissing while standing and grinding in a club (because I really don’t want quads like a speed skater).

  • Lance

    How tall are you?

  • kiera

    5’10 plus 3+ inch heels when I go out.

  • Lance


  • dadshouse

    Sex is better with a short woman. I can’t toss a tall woman around the bed. I can’t take her from behind, standing up. Our bodies just don’t fit. But a short woman? Perfect on all levels.

    I’m 5’10”, and a woman who is 5’2″ – 5’6″ is a perfect height for me.

    So, I won’t be gaming any tall women, any time soon.
    .-= dadshouse´s last blog …Discreet Dating During Divorce =-.

  • Matt Savage

    All good stuff, also, for the short guys you can do things to quickly boost your confidence/forget about your vertically challenged self esteem by wearing higher healed shoes yourself.

    For example, I’m 5’4 and often wear a stylish pair of platforms/creepers (trust me they look good with my style) and even though that only bumps me up to 5’6.5 (still short) I feel like a fucking giant which brings my confidence through the roof and the whole thing ends up being a non-issue.

    After all, women wear high-heels for the same reasons, why can’t we?
    .-= Matt Savage´s last blog …Effects of Drinking Alcohol on Attracting Women =-.

  • cellogirl

    I am 5’4″ and really enjoy men between 5’6″ and 5’9″. I don’t feel overwhelmed, we can make out standing up, hugging is more comfortable. Then again, I haven’t had a really skilled lover over 6’0″, so I might change my mind . . .

  • Kat Wilder

    Lance, if you’re a “short dude and you’re getting blown off by tall chicks,” why the hell do you want to “game” them?

    If a woman is interested in you, she’s interested in the all of you; if she’s not, gaming her isn’t going to make her suddenly make her love short guys … or you.

    Do you really want to be with anyone who can be so easily manipulated?
    .-= Kat Wilder´s last blog …Technology and dating — a happy couple? =-.

  • Honey

    I get what you’re saying, Kat, but I think that “gaming” a tall girl only kind of distracts her from your height until she CAN see all of you and be interested in that.

    Considering how easily we’re all manipulated by the advertising agency, I don’t think anyone can say that they’re immune to that sort of thing.
    .-= Honey´s last blog …TBK Got Canned; Latest On The Beautiful Kind =-.

  • David

    Loved the pic of the French prez. I am not attracted to women taller than me, and I would assume vice versa.
    .-= David´s last blog …The ” I Love You ” Lie =-.

  • Kat Wilder

    Honey, I see what you’re saying. The whole gaming thing reeks of dishonesty but we’re always have a little game on when we’re meeting/wooing someone.

    Man who have charmed me … naturally … did indeed make me see them as more attractive even though I didn’t feel that way initially. Hmm, maybe it was “natural” charm!
    .-= Kat Wilder´s last blog …Celibacy is the new black =-.

  • Honey

    Well, who am I to talk – Jake wore lifts on our first date!
    .-= Honey´s last blog …TBK Got Canned; Latest On The Beautiful Kind =-.