How To Avoid Craigslist Casual Encounters Scams

This is my second post on gaming Craigslist dating. The first post is where I impersonated a chick on craigslist casual encounters.

There are a lot of spammers and scammers working madmoose  the W4M and Casual Encounters sections of Craigslist. I’ve been replying to ads in these sections for a couple of weeks now and I can confirm that it’s majorly shady. I want to share what I’ve found so you can avoid getting scammed.

Before I get into that, I should state now that I’ve had ZERO positive results working these ads so far; no dates, no NSA sex, no dirty hookups, nothing. I hear from my sources that legit women are harder and harder to find on CL than they were a couple of years ago, but it’s still possible to score. I’ll keep trying and report my results.

Watch out for Bullshit Ads

If you scan ANY Casual Encounters section, you’ll find tons of ads, and  Pandora Bracelets Canada almost all of them lead to a spammer or a scammer. These are easy to spot and if you spend 10′ clicking through ads you’ll get used to identifying them. For the most part, the ads will be poorly written with shitty headlines. Here’s a good example:

I underlined two big giveaways. Who misspells the word lonely? Also, no Orlando resident would ever misspell Altamonte in their headline. It just doesn’t happen. Besides those red flags, the body text is laughably bad.

If you reply to these ads, which I did plenty of times using a bogus Hotmail account, your Junk mail folder will fill up rapidly with tons of pharma spam and paid porn sites. I highly recommend using a secondary Hotmail or Gmail account if you plan on experimenting.

Identifying Real People

You will occasionally come across real women posting in W4M and Casual Encounters. These are also easy to spot because they contain either a well written, substantial body text and/or a picture. I corresponded with one real chick who had an awesome, descriptive ad and another who I believe was real but I couldn’t ever get her to exchange pics. Guys, note here that the legit gals will receive 100+ replies to their ads within a couple of hours, so it’s a crazy competitive market. You might be better off spending your time on or the local meat market.

To make matters worse, most of the legit ads are from BBW and HWP women…you can tell these because they post their pictures and state it right off the bat. So, if you’re expecting to meet that perfect 10 who is down for discreet, NSA sex, the odds are against you. That fantasy is incredibly hard to come by on CL these days.

Check out this crazy ad for a sex roommate from a BBW married mother…sounds real but who would want to mess with this?? Note the date and weather qualifier, which is actually legit.

Most Sinister: Bots

Here’s what I thought was ingenius and sinister. Some fake ads are well written enough that I was compelled to respond. I responded and then received a reply that was also well written and seemed in context. From there you get caught in an email exchange with someone/something that at first blush sounds legit, but actually leads you to a payment scam website. The tipping point will say something about going to her picture or verification site, where you have to make a payment to access more information about her, for her safety of course. Here’s an example (click to enlarge):

Guys, don’t fall for this trap! The site is completely bogus and is designed to illicit a payment from you. Here’s the actual site with a screenshot:

The most sinister part of the whole process is that it’s completely AUTOMATED on the scammers end, aka a Bot. Read about CL Bot software here.  You’ll send an email and a program will continuously send you replies of different variations, trying to get you to hit the site and make the payment. Expect 3-4 responses even if you’ve told the person to bugger off. Imagine how duped I felt after writing a long winded email about myself and it wasn’t even going to a real person.

Tread carefully and never pull out your credit card.

Final Thoughts

Craigslist is a rough game. I do think it’s possible to meet real people on CL and I’ve got a couple of strategies I’m going to try. It is fast, easy, and entertaining, but you have to be extra careful. So far I’ve found game to be infinitely easier.

What’s a shame is that 3-4 years ago CL Casual Encounters used to be a total party, with real ads from real people meeting for NSA sex and alternative relationships. You could basically get anything you wanted with just a little game. That marketplace has disappeared from CL after the scammers and spammers moved in. The party is now spread to other corners of the Internet and wherever it is, I’m going to find it.



  • Andy

    How about if the person replies back with a picture of themselves that is “tagged” with a piece of paper? This girl wants me to go to a website to verify myself ($1 to CC). I thought she was a bot but she attached a picture of herself holding a piece of paper with my email written on it. Any thoughts about this?

  • jack

    anything that requires a credit card is a scam just about. i got the same thing from a girl and it did turn out to be a scam but luckily i did not do it. one way to see if they are bots is buy saying certain words in your emails and they will respond back the same way each time and then you know it is a bot.

  • Manilas

    Seems to good to be true.

    Personally, I’d ask a trick question see if you’ll get an answer on the subject. That’s how I manage to filter the bots.

    Bots are good but limited on their programming thus they only have a set of prepared emails.

    For example, there was this ad about a girl being bored in her bus ride and wanted some entertainment. Sent her a little scenario, etc etc etc. She replied with a well written post about her and how she wanted to meet with a picture of her. Sent her another email asking if she liked the scenario I gave her. Of course, bot couldn’t answer that one because it wasn’t programmed thus it only replied that if I really wanted to meer I had to go through a site.

  • WhackaDoodle

    @Andy – Think this through. How does charging to your credit card prove you’re safe? Or even “traceble” in case of the worst? Anyone can anonymously buy a prepaid credit card at the corner shop. Also consider this. If the “real” women are outnumbered 100 to 1 by the guys, does she need to prove herself to you at all? Only to persuade you to fork over your credit card number. For no other reason.

  • Pattom

    @Andy: It’s Photoshop, man! Check the picture really closely. Is she actually holding the paper, or is it propped against her? If it’s propped up, is it standing at a weird angle? Are you sure the writing on it is irregular enough to be handwriting, rather than a typed font? Does it lie in the same plane as the paper?

    Trust me, I had a bot do the same thing, but one Google search showed it to be without a doubt a notorious scammer. Someone posted the same pictures (with a blank page), the same email, all of it was identical. There may be a human being somewhere down the line, but it’s not a hot chick who wants you. I’m only sorry I’m getting back to you a month later.

  • MF

    This was an interesting read. What’s more interesting are the comments. I’m a real woman who has looked for and gotten real NSA encounters on CL. Some were rocking and some were ho-hum.

    I’m attractive and don’t have to do that, but if I’m BUSY, I don’t really have time to play the traditional dating game.

    What amuses me about some of the ads are the ones where the guys are really angry. You can tell they’ve gotten a lot of replies from bots or scammers. I feel for them but that’s the playing field. I don’t want to have to jump through whoops because a few emails in should reveal that I’m real. Have some herb tea, calm down and delete the bots. It’s simple.

    There are also men just asking for really dangerous sexual acts. What woman that’s sane and wants to stay STD free is going to let a stranger shoot him ride bareback and worse? There are some things that really are best for committed relationships.

    I do think a lot of these guys are watching too much porn and aren’t realizing that those girls get paid for that.

    It’s an interesting ecosystem. That’s for sure.

  • TD

    Ya, my thoughts on the pic with woman holding piece of paper with your email address…… she took pic with blank piece of paper and used microsoft paint or something and put your name or email address on it to make it look genuine…… trust me it’s not……..

  • Rolf

    It’s really pretty easy to program a bot to take a picture and superimpose some dynamic text into a particular section of the pic. The dead giveaway is if the letters in the message are too consistent looking – real handwriting will vary, but a program using a font to write will have every letter exactly the same even if the font is made to look like handwriting.

  • http://CLGuy Eric

    Totally sucks that CL is infested with software. We need to band together and program an anti-bot software. Something that auto-replies to ads, if they real, sends an apology. If its a bot, scammer or spammer, it launches a counter attack, DoS, Trojan, Virus, logic bomb, rootkit, something that can bring down the botnet, or at least a bot. Maybe it can forward the IP address(s) to the proper authorities or ISPs to have accounts deactivated. I suppose this idea most likely violates any number of acts also but something like this should be out there.

  • eleanor

    so sorry you guys are hitting stone walls with bots and hookers and scams etc. i was going to try craigs list tonight after very few “good” responses on some other sites. only gets me guys that want to get married (i’m recently divorced and happy being single) and the “alternative sites” only get me the “hey we’re not in h.s. anymore lets F***” messages.

    most site seem to get me guys 20 plus miles away. really?! i’m sure there are enough guys even in a 10 mile radius that would enjoy hanging out with me, just at a loss in how to find them. lol

    i’ve tried okcupid and they are the best site for me so far.and free for men and women.


  • Lisa

    As a woman I have been posting in CL W4M for 3 months now. I am flagged and deleted every time I post. CL sends a flagging auto reply. I put in a high quality classy revealing topless pic of me. I write a good article with out the nasty words. Longest my post has survived is 19 hours; 1hour 5 min. and shortest 25 minutes. I review other post of girls/women in raunchy pictures using very nasty words and their post survive for weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! What is going on? Email me a whats going on!!!

  • nater

    it is the scammers that are doing it they don’t want the real people for competition

  • david

    Send me an email at if you’re truly interested in doing the deeds you’ve been posting on craigslist.


    LOL, your question reminds me of the riddle where a father dies in a car accident but his son is rushed to an operating room and just before they start the surgeon says, “I can not operate on this child, he is my son!”.

    My girlfriend is laughing saying, “If I had a dollar for every guy that hit on me, I’d be a millionaire”.

  • garamond

    email me. garamondtype @ gmail

    I’d love to see that picture of you.
    Would you be interested in a threesome with another woman with me? she’s down for sure

  • Andrea

    Everytime I post a add on CL saying I’m looking for a black guy with eye glasses between the ages 40 + I get emails from guys who don’t even fit this category. And they wonder why I don’t respond to guys out side my interests.

  • Boansera

    These casual encounter operators must be desparate because now they are resorting to Blackmail and extortion. If you ever mailed a photo to them watchout. You could be getting a e mail from them with your photo prominatly posted stating that they have added your name to a on line list of Sex predators. And the Scam is if you want your name taken off this list, You have to make a credit card payment of close to $100.00. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. These idiots that run these sites from some foreign country do not know the laws in the US. You have to be convicted of a offence and tried in a court of law befor the authorities can place your name on a list of sex offenders.
    This site and others that have brought these scam artists into the open has had a big effect on their ill gotten income, so now ther are trying every angle possible to make money. Do not fall for it pass this information to all you friends.

  • steeleye5

    beware there’s also a guy that’ll put you on a website claiming you’re an online predator if you don’t fall for his scam…. and you have to pay to have it taken off.

  • Sam-Ethan Xavier

    (Scam) reply :

    “Sammie Page4:56 AM (21 hours ago)
    to me

    awww okay I understand if you really don’t have a card for that or whatever …… there is another site which just asks for email and name its this one here:

    They also do screening of their members so what you can do is go on there then send me your number and I’ll call you. Once I see your msg on there I’l know you passed their screening my username is vballbabe27.

    okay i’m gonna close my email up for now…. message me on there when you are ready and give me your number.”

    …followed by a naked girl’s picture of course.


    I made a payment once like a dumbass because it sounded so real and it would reply to me through out the whole day and well it sucks I made a eport got my money back and every now and then go and look to see if I can find NSA sex or anything but there all scammers email me ALEXVALDEZ218@YAHOO.COM

  • Zane Zatasuki

    There needs to be an easier way to find a fwb or nsa encounters. Without the spam and extra sites. it should be as simple as seeing each other on webcam or something. Is NO ONE legit about who they are anymore? Is there NO honest people in this world anymore? I wish it was as easy as responding, trading info and meeting up. If things don’t work out it’s up to the individuals to be mature about their decision, good or bad.

  • Arron

    As a man checking CL in my area it drives me crazy because There are so many bots and anytime it is a real woman posting an ad it is flag and removed but when i get a spam bot response then flag it as spam it stays on CL, I don’t understand it, it’s if CL wants 2 keep spam bots on there and not real women

  • Arron

    of course you get it now bcuz there are so many spaming scamming bots on CL it’s not fair :(

  • Melissa Lipnutz

    How do their pictures come up holding a paper with my email address? Is that faked?

  • Tury

    Guys its very plain and simple, approach women where they like to shop at, ask them if they’re single, find out if they’re interested and available, the answer will be yes or no. that’s the easiest fastest way to meet women!!