How To Avoid Craigslist Casual Encounters Scams

This is my second post on gaming Craigslist dating. The first post is where I impersonated a chick on craigslist casual encounters.

There are a lot of spammers and scammers working madmoose  the W4M and Casual Encounters sections of Craigslist. I’ve been replying to ads in these sections for a couple of weeks now and I can confirm that it’s majorly shady. I want to share what I’ve found so you can avoid getting scammed.

Before I get into that, I should state now that I’ve had ZERO positive results working these ads so far; no dates, no NSA sex, no dirty hookups, nothing. I hear from my sources that legit women are harder and harder to find on CL than they were a couple of years ago, but it’s still possible to score. I’ll keep trying and report my results.

Watch out for Bullshit Ads

If you scan ANY Casual Encounters section, you’ll find tons of ads, and  Pandora Bracelets Canada almost all of them lead to a spammer or a scammer. These are easy to spot and if you spend 10′ clicking through ads you’ll get used to identifying them. For the most part, the ads will be poorly written with shitty headlines. Here’s a good example:

I underlined two big giveaways. Who misspells the word lonely? Also, no Orlando resident would ever misspell Altamonte in their headline. It just doesn’t happen. Besides those red flags, the body text is laughably bad.

If you reply to these ads, which I did plenty of times using a bogus Hotmail account, your Junk mail folder will fill up rapidly with tons of pharma spam and paid porn sites. I highly recommend using a secondary Hotmail or Gmail account if you plan on experimenting.

Identifying Real People

You will occasionally come across real women posting in W4M and Casual Encounters. These are also easy to spot because they contain either a well written, substantial body text and/or a picture. I corresponded with one real chick who had an awesome, descriptive ad and another who I believe was real but I couldn’t ever get her to exchange pics. Guys, note here that the legit gals will receive 100+ replies to their ads within a couple of hours, so it’s a crazy competitive market. You might be better off spending your time on or the local meat market.

To make matters worse, most of the legit ads are from BBW and HWP women…you can tell these because they post their pictures and state it right off the bat. So, if you’re expecting to meet that perfect 10 who is down for discreet, NSA sex, the odds are against you. That fantasy is incredibly hard to come by on CL these days.

Check out this crazy ad for a sex roommate from a BBW married mother…sounds real but who would want to mess with this?? Note the date and weather qualifier, which is actually legit.

Most Sinister: Bots

Here’s what I thought was ingenius and sinister. Some fake ads are well written enough that I was compelled to respond. I responded and then received a reply that was also well written and seemed in context. From there you get caught in an email exchange with someone/something that at first blush sounds legit, but actually leads you to a payment scam website. The tipping point will say something about going to her picture or verification site, where you have to make a payment to access more information about her, for her safety of course. Here’s an example (click to enlarge):

Guys, don’t fall for this trap! The site is completely bogus and is designed to illicit a payment from you. Here’s the actual site with a screenshot:

The most sinister part of the whole process is that it’s completely AUTOMATED on the scammers end, aka a Bot. Read about CL Bot software here.  You’ll send an email and a program will continuously send you replies of different variations, trying to get you to hit the site and make the payment. Expect 3-4 responses even if you’ve told the person to bugger off. Imagine how duped I felt after writing a long winded email about myself and it wasn’t even going to a real person.

Tread carefully and never pull out your credit card.

Final Thoughts

Craigslist is a rough game. I do think it’s possible to meet real people on CL and I’ve got a couple of strategies I’m going to try. It is fast, easy, and entertaining, but you have to be extra careful. So far I’ve found game to be infinitely easier.

What’s a shame is that 3-4 years ago CL Casual Encounters used to be a total party, with real ads from real people meeting for NSA sex and alternative relationships. You could basically get anything you wanted with just a little game. That marketplace has disappeared from CL after the scammers and spammers moved in. The party is now spread to other corners of the Internet and wherever it is, I’m going to find it.



  • dadshouse

    Great research! I’ve used CL along with other sites like Match and Chemistry for years, and I agree CL has gotten very spammy. Misspellings are one dead giveaway. Another is when the ad title says a woman is one age like 35, and inside the ad it says another like 32. Or she calls herself a Cougar when her ad says she’s in her 20s.

    As for having luck – in the past month on Match, I’ve reached out to 100 women, and have yet to meet one. I think Match’s problem is two-fold: 1) it’s easier to be picky when there are so many good looking profiles to choose from, and 2) most users on Match don’t pay the subscription and can’t actually respond.

    I did manage to get one woman from Match to talk on the phone, but she’s a busy single mom (which is why she’s using match), and it will take some time before we meet.

    Meanwhile this past month, I met 3 women through CL. Meeting on CL is more about “let’s meet now” than “I’m looking for a perfect partner to spend my life with”. So if you can get past the spammers, the women on CL actually want to meet. You’re right, though, it does seem the party has moved elsewhere. Fill us in on your experiences!

  • Honey

    Have you tried backpage?

  • Hammer

    This hasn’t been my experience at all. A couple years ago, I got the “Email Read Notification” add on to see if women were actually signing up or if I was wasting my time emailing them. To my surprise, something like 90% of my emails got read, even though I wasn’t getting many responses.

    I’ve since worked on my profile and game, and gotten much better at Match. These days I consistently get one date for every 7 or so women I message (this includes a no response follow up template). The first response rate is higher than that, but sometimes the date scheduling doesn’t work out. Still, I will consistently send emails on Sunday and get drinks on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of the same week (sometimes all three).

    While I acknowledge that there are definitely some differences location to location, I think that the real problem on Match is that a small percentage of the men get a large percentage of the responses, and the rest of the men are left out in the dark. If you fix up your profile and improve your messaging skills, it doesn’t take very much time for you to have more numbers to schedule dates with than you have days in the week.

  • Lance

    @Honey, negative, what’s backpage?

  • Lance

    @hammer @DM, I have to agree with Hammer on this. I have respectably tight Match game and I can line up dates after putting in some frontend work. I’ve done plenty of weeks with dates 3 nights in a row. It’s all about pics, profile, and the right email message. My CL game blows nuts though, still working that out.

  • Honey

    I haven’t used backpage, I have just heard that it is set up almost exactly like craigslist but since it’s not super well known it’s not full of spammers, trolls, bots, etc. I went there and actually the W Seeking M section was down because they are trying to make sure all the info is valid.

  • Lance

    I put up an ad today in M4W. Ad cost was $1, and there are various upgrades for low cost. Will post results if any.

  • Honey

    Yeah, keep us posted!

  • BigDog

    There ARE women who will respond to men’s CL ads, but they are few and far between. In over 3 years of posting ads seeking women on CL, I have met exactly TWO. I have lost track of the number of different ads I’ve posted, and the result has been mostly spam.

    I do believe that ads posted to “Miscellaneous Romance” may get more notice due to lack of “clutter” in that classification.

    FWIW, neither of the two women that I met were BBWs.

  • frogman6

    I have been trying out CL for the last 6 months or so and have figured out the same scam ad clues you have noticed. One thing is that most scam ads do not have an age at all in the ad and many real ads include some information to prove it is real. It is weird that the real ads to get flagged right away for some reason.

    I am by no means a serious hot guy, just a normal guy with some weight to lose and I am married. I have actually met 6 women in real life, 2 did not really click but I did sleep with 4 of them. One of the first ads I replied to was for some reason not listed under w4m but I found it by a search of keywords. One of the other women I met replied to a striclty plantonic ad I put up about going to a rock concert with me ;). One of the women is truely a nympho and more wild sexually then anyone I have ever met. Good luck guys!

  • melon

    CL got more popular and lamer in time..

  • Dean

    Read this poor guy’s experience with clist’s casual encounter section. Oh man!

  • Mark

    You saved me some crap.

  • circlesman222

    I definitely hooked up with a BOMBING 25 year old on Cl (I’m 21). Honestly… they love the junk pics. THEY SAY THEY DON’T!!!!!!! But they really do. They definitely lie about that. peace.

  • 28degrees

    Great article. I’ve found a lot more real women ever since I read this and another blog from a guy who is blogging his craigslist adventures-

  • henry barcohana

    i checked it was all hookers

  • Dirty boy

    i was on cl the other day looking for a W,, but instead i recieved an email from a guy saying ” we can meet up and no one will find out” i replied “bye, im straight” then he replied “no one will find out not even your brother *****” he actually knew my brothers name,, i want to know how the fuck this happened, if i never posted personal info on cl,, can some one explaaiiin,, no body know about me getting in this thing,, wtf happened, does anybody know?

  • DR

    don’t use ur real email dude, he probably search it up on facebook and got ur info

  • http://craigslist Jhonny

    Cragslist sucks its all about scammers i got scammed i was looking for sex with a hot girl she asked me for a gift card made me give her the card number before meeting her and she never came out i felt so stupid but you live you learn

  • http://craigslist Jhonny

    @dirty boy same thing happened to me i got sent pics of my sis dogs and everything i got insulted those are pros hacking into your personal info or they might actually know your family be careful

  • obi

    I wonder if there is as big of an issue for w4w on CL. I’ve gotten responses but haven’t been able to work out a good date yet, I don’t give out any real info out that they could search me with but itd be nice not to have to worry xD

  • s

    I just got the cheating wivez thing today from craigslist. She sounded intelligent with a desire to have crazy sex while her husband was away. Then she sent this:
    “Im really dying to get a good hard fucking, I am really fucking horny right now and my pussy is itching for some relief but I am a bit nervous too in case you are some weirdo or serial killer or something! Did you hear about the murders on the job section on here?

    I hope you understand that I want you to verify you are safe before we meet. Just go to this site and do the free verification so I can be sure you are not some crazy nut or something and just hit me up on there when you are done.”

    The link went to the same picture you have in this article. Her email is

    Thanks for the info.

  • Mimi

    I got exactly same messages from that Melanie Mitchel. Word to word.
    That’s just stupid bot sending all same stuff to everybody. You can get that after 2nd/3rd message.

  • http://jessica jessica

    is this the same for women? meaning..are the men’s ad’s mostly spam or viruses? I’ve been trying to find men and women myself and it is hard so i can’t beleive all these comments here . We women are having a hard time too. Maybe I write badly and people think I am spam. who knows ..but we’re out here. at least I am!

  • Eve

    I loved reading this!!! Very helpful…I responed to several m4w ads…got alot of “are you real” responses, in a very rude manner! TURN OFF!!! Now, I get it…