More Geekery: Hot Gamer Chicks? Yes, please.

This one’s for the fellas…a little pre-Father’s Day gift, if you will.

There’s a recent run on nerdy hotties around these parts, spurred by my geek and nerd bashing post here. Hey, we’re bloggers…that pretty much means we’re all dorks on some level, right?

Uber-Dork/Cutie Holly Hoffman forwarded me a link to this article about the Nerd Girls, a group of sexy chick engineers at Tufts University. That’s cool…but I’m not getting 100% wood. My theory is that these girls are your standard government issue hotties who happened to become engineers. Plus, Tufts girls? C’mon.

What really moves me is this:


Yeah, that’s right, it’s Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year, Jo Garcia, gyrating her sweet little ass to Wii boxing. Apparently she’s a serious gamer. You’re getting the full juxtaposition of Geek + Hot on this one.

If hot+gaming+chicks are your cup of tea, try this gallery at aBaum’s World, which features some of the hottest gamer chicks around. At the vanguard is Becky Frost, aka Aktez, serious gamer and the creater of the Girl Gaming Network.

Becky Frost

(Umm…so do you like Guitar Hero?)

  • Holly Hoffman

    Hey, I heard this was just a cheap marketing ploy to get more publicity for Wii. So, it’s legit?

    Holly Hoffmans last blog post..When "Relaxation" Becomes Plain Lazy

  • Lance

    I read that Garcia is a legit gamer. See her wiki entry:

    Wii is very chick friendly so I don’t have a problem believing it. Are you a gamer?

  • Holly Hoffman

    OK, see this is the one everyone was talking about as a fraud: Although, the couple swears it’s real. In fact, the GF didn’t know she was being filmed and was pissed when she found out her BF posted it to YouTube. She got over it.

    No, I’m not a gamer. But this Wii thing is interesting…

    Holly Hoffmans last blog post..When "Relaxation" Becomes Plain Lazy

  • Lance

    Yeah, I’m seen that vid and a couple of others of hot chicks playing with the Wii. I’m around a lot of college students (part of job) and the girls talk about playing Wii all the time. Guitar Hero and DDR are also mega popular. I’m a GH fan myself, and if I had an xbox I’d be playing it all the time.