Great Tip: Sinn’s Relationship Ladder

One of my favorite Uber-PUAs, Jon Sinn, posted a great tip for creating sexual attraction and moving an interaction into a sexual territory. It’s a simple conversational ladder with a focus on establishing a faux-relationship with a date (or target) and it accomplishes two goals:

  1. Let’s her know that you’re hitting on her in fun way, without being creepy or awkward about it.
  2. Gets her to passively agree to participate in the seduction.

He demonstrates the convo ladder in a short video, which for some reason I can’t figure out how to embed on this page, and also links the PDF transcript. Since I can’t embed the video, here’s a picture of a hot chick instead:

Here is my summary of the four steps:

  • Get her committed to a future event together like a foodie meetup, no pressure, something fun. No exact plans, no phone numbers, no exact date. Can make it something crazy to create attraction. Compliance builds momentum.
  • Get her committed to the fact that you’re hitting on her. Guys typically do not display enough interest! I’m going to start hitting on you, nothing to object too. Attach the move to a compliment. “I can tell there’s a lot more to you, I mean that even though I’m totally hitting on you.” Compliment on like/taste then add the move.
  • Convey that you’re interested in sexual relationship without being needy or pushy. Again, works great if attached to a compliment. Also, might need a release to break tension, try a tease at the end.  “…too bad you’re such a dork.”
  • During or after a makeout. “When we have sex, it’s going to melt paint off the walls.” “You are trouble.” Make it funny but convey that you’re interested in screwing her brains out.

This makes it so she’s agreeing to the steps while at the same time remaining in control and making decisions.

My first impression on viewing the video is that this is pretty standard flirting and teasing, and something that a confident guy would do normally. In other words, you don’t need to be a player to deploy this technique. I think, though, for this to go anywhere there’s got to be some kind of mutual attraction already established, like there’s a spark, and all you’re doing is making it easy to move past certain milestones. For example, to go from step 3 to step 4, you have to already be making out, so that implies a lot of heavy lifting has occurred in the attraction department.

Anyway, great freebie technique from Sinn, add it to your toolbox.

Photo: Romi Bean, Denver Broncos cheerleader.