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Frickin’ Awesome Video Content From The 21 Convention–Totally FREE


If you’re into attraction science and social artistry like me, be sure to spend some time perusing the site for The 21 Convention. It’s partly a blog and also a space for all things related to the Convention. Well, the best feature of the site is the VIDEO. The speakers are recorded and the video is available in high-def right now, completely for free. See this archive page for 18  videos from the 2009 Convention. These are not trailers, these are the actual full-length presentations. Totally sick, especially when you consider that DVD video with high value content often costs hundreds of dollars in the community. I have to point out also that the convention itself is an amazing value, only costing a couple of hundred bucks for a ticket, when compared to some of the summits and conferences that can cost several thousands dollars a head. Dream continues to do good work.

Some of the speakers include Christian Hudson, El Topo, Jason Savage, Nick Sparks, and many others.

Here’s the presentation from DJ Fuji, one of the presenters I had a chance to see. Total run time is 1:06…


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  • http://beachmuscles.org Dream

    Nice man, thanks for sharing the site. Fuji gave one of the best presentations for sure…hell have you seen the comments on his video? He broke 30 the other day, insane.

    His power point is also available on the main site for anyone interested.

    thanks again

    .-= Dream´s last undefined …If you register your site for free at =-.

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