First Date in Human History Transacted With Entrecard Credits

Props to Evil Woobie for turning me on to this. A blogger in the Philippines asked a blogger chick out on a date. She insisted he pay 10,000 Entrecard credits for the date. No shit, you just read that correctly. I don’t even know where to start with this one. The date never happened because the guy posted about the potential date on the Entrecard forums here, she found out about it, got her panties in a twist and dropped the guy. Via SMS. I love it. Geek dating. And you people bitch about going to bars and clubs?

Money quote from the posting:

She put the condition that I’ll transfer to her Entrecard account 10,000 EC’s. Oh, well, I said to myself, that isn’t too much… until I realize I only have 3000 or so EC in my account, and I’m going to use them on an ad-buying spree. [emphasis by Lance]

If I ever have to get a date by using Entrecard credits, please shoot me in the face.


  • cheekie

    only 10,000? pfffft.

    jk jk.
    that’s just sad.

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  • evilwoobie

    lol, well a lot of people take their blogs seriously… and 10k Entrecard credits means a month or so of advertising on any of the 11 k blogs in the Entrecard System. Not to mention 10K credits is roughly equivalent to 100USD under the new EC exchange system (may be cheaper in ebay).

    Join already, Lance^^

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  • cheekie

    I meant I would charge a whole helluva lot more than that for a date with me…LOL. Especially if it was going to be such public knowledge. Although, technically, it’s not whoring if you do it for free. LOL!!!!!!!

    cheekies last blog post..Yip yips meet the telephone

  • Honey

    What is entrecard?