Eat Pray Love vs. The Expendables. Time To Man Up

Battle of the sexes comes down to this one, ultimate carnage-filled clash on August 13.  The choice is either Eat, Pray, Love or Sly’s The Expendables.You’re not a fucking dude if you choose the former.

This may be the best Stallone yet. This makes “testosterone fueled” look like a day at pilates. Bros, break up with your wives and girlyfriends if you must. There is nothing more important than making the correct choice that day:


Corporate douchebags took the above video down!!

You can at least watch the official trailer, which is totally BA:


It’s Good To Be A Bro. Hat tip and

  • Shannon

    Of course, any movie bringing Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone together will rule. But then, they add in Ivan Drago, the dude from Crank, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Randy Couture / Antonio Nogueira from UFC.

    And just when it couldn’t get any more awesome, they throw in the cherry on top with this guy:

  • Tia

    Rats. I did NOT know that the Stallone movie was coming out the same day, and my new BF’s fav actor is Stallone.

    lol If he breaks up with me, I guess I’ll have you to blame. WE are going to see Eat, Pray, Love even if I have to bribe him.

    Behold the power of… women. :)

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  • Steve

    I’m gonna see this film because I’m tired of all the chick flicks. It’s about time for a true man’s film. Also I think it’s time for women to give in and see this because men have spent to long going to see films that women want to see. Men do enough already to please their woman…. So giving up 2 hours of you’re time just to please your man wouldn’t kill ya! Also you might get something out of it!

  • Aplus

    But of course with all that male actors, it will be good.