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Best eHarmony Profile Ever

Friday goodness. This chick Cheap Jewelry Canada REALLY loves cats. Can’t decide if I’d give her the LanceĀ Pandora Jewelry Canada business or not, it’s a toughie.


The Weekly: More Evidence Monogamy is Lame

Haven’t done one of these in awhile, but I found more evidence that monogamy is for the birds. The first is Monogamy unnatural for our sexy species, by psychologist and author Christopher Ryan.

Money quote:

Women’s pendulous breasts, impossible-to-ignore cries of sexual delight, or “female copulatory vocalization” to the clipboard-carrying crowd, and capacity for multiple orgasms also validate this story of prehistoric promiscuity.

Well duuh that’s like in every PUA manual out there, but nice that he pointed out that chicks are designed to be sex machines. On As you can imagine, there were some strongly worded comments following the post.


The Weekly: Penelope Trunk, iPad Porn, Outsourcing Online Dating, Ryan Keely

Some fun links this week. First and foremost, one of my absolute fav bloggers got married last weekend, Penelope Trunk. Please stop by her blog and offer congrats and give her some love: Turning Point. Her wedding was intimate and a bit non-traditional, to say the least, which I thought was awesome. Includes pics.


The Weekly: 11% Interrupt Sex To Send Texts and Other Goodness (NSFW)

Posted on HuffPo, recent study shows that 11% of people under 25 interrupt sex to check texts and Facebook updates, 6% of users over 25 do the same. Also references another study that says 15% of people go coitus interruptus to answer their cell phones. Umm, yeah who hasn’t done that? What if there’s an important text from your buddy? Sometimes I’ll check my texts while I’m having sex.


Is This Funny? I Can’t Tell

This showed up in my FB stream like 5 times in the last 24 hours. Pretty cool, kinda funny, lots of stars. How the f**ck did they get Sting in this thing? And Lenny? Also, who is Gilles Marini and should I be investigating him?

See for yourself.


Some New Crap at the Blog

So, in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s

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a couple of updates at the ranchero. First off, I threw a new logo up because the old one was getting way long in the tooth. I’ll probably get sick of the new one in a week, but whatever, it’s kind of funky and cool. For you design dweebs, the font is Blackout and you can find it pretty much anywhere.