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Technique for determing sex worthiness

If you want to get around the early sex problem, I have a great technique that can help. It’s designed to determine if your date is sex worthy and relationship worthy, which is at the heart of why someone wants to have sex on the first date. If you can determine the worthiness of the individual, you can decide whether to have sex or not.

The core of the technique is a conversation about two things:

  1. Her sexual values
  2. Her sexual style

I’ll use me as a example. For VALUES, I want to answer these questions early on:

  • How important is sex to her?
  • What’s her ideal frequency?
  • Is she spontaneous?
  • Is she adventurous?
  • What was her sex life like with her last partner? Was it good or bad? If bad, why?
  • Does she describe the sex she has as hot or wild?
  • Would she cut out of work to have hot sex?
  • Does she want kids, if so, when?
For STYLE, I want this knowledge:
  • Is she vanilla? Into bondage?
  • Any bisexual tendencies? Ever experimented with women?
  • Does she like spanking?
  • Is she orgasmic? How orgasmic? Can she orgasm from penetration? How frequently?
  • Is she girlfriendy / sweetheart?
  • What are her fantasies?
  • Does she masturbate?
  • Does she watch porn?
  • Does she like getting roughed up?
  • Does she have a feminine core?

This sounds like a lot of personal information and at first blush it may seem creepy to ask for stuff like this on the 1-3 dates. But, my game is good enough that I can smoothly initiate conversations about sex and make it completely safe and comfortable. On my first and second dates, my goal is to create a comfortable environment and get us talking about sex and relationships. In fact, ideally, I’d have this conversation before the first date, using either email or chat.

Once we start talking about sex and relationships, I can very easily tell if we’re compatible. I’d argue that this is MORE important than having fun together and whatever activity the date is ostensibly about. Once I know this info, I know if we’re relationship material, fuck buddies, or just friends. From there I can make a clear headed and safe decision about how to proceed.

What’s great about this? You don’t actually have to have sex with the other person unless you both mutually agree that you’re a good fit! It’s amazing…you can skip the awkward test driving part and just communicate about it.

I have a great recent example:

I met a chick through one of my social circles on Facebook. There was mutual attraction, so we both agreed to meet for a first date. Before the date happened, I ran my game and got us into a really fun and comfortable conversation about sex and relationships. The way I started this was with a hypothetical question: “I have a friend who has a weird position on sex. If you’ve had sex in the past and then decide to not have sex until marriage, why would you do that?”

These quasi intellectual questions are great for getting into a down and dirty convo on sex :)

We talked sex for about an hour and I answered pretty much every question above. Importantly, I found out she won’t have sex until marriage, she’s hyper Christian, and she doesn’t masturbate, three things that conflict with me. These were dealbreakers.

Since our sexual values weren’t aligned, I told her right then and there that I couldn’t be her boyfriend, but if she wanted to hang out and have fun occasionally, I’d be down with that (code for fuck buddy). We knew exactly where both of us stood and there was no bullshitting around.

This all happened before the first date and saved a lot of wasted time and stress down the road. Oh yeah, we still went on the first date 😉

This is what real communication is all about. I want to encourage everyone to not shy away from talking about sex and instead get into the down and dirty of it.

My advice for Jeske is to look in social circles where her values are aligned with the values of the single guys. If she’s fishing in bars and clubs, then the values are more aligned towards fast sex. She should also check if she’s looking at the 20-something who party all the time or the 30-something divorced set. There’s a big difference in values there.

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Mashable Tells Us How To Get More Chicks Via Online Dating

Nice. My fav social media news site,, fired off a post that analyzed some stats about online dating. To make a long story short, guys should write shorter emails and send out more of them per hour to get a better response. Numbers point to a 1.71 conversation rate. That’s a pretty shitty conversion rate, but whatever. Chicks, as usual, have got it easier online, with a 3.43 conversion rate with short emails of less than 50 characters. Ladies…what the fuck are you writing in less than 50 characters that guys respond to? Leave smartalecky answers in comments.

Peeps, don’t forget to upload great pictures in different contexts to help make your profile stickier. Smile. Don’t look grim and serious. If you’re a dude, avoid looking like a douche, and ladies, please don’t tell us how much you love to laugh. We know this.


Watchmen is Totally Rad…Why are the Critics Such Douches?

I caught the midnight showing of the new Watchmen movie. On IMAX. It was absolutety awesome. It’s getting canned by a lot of reviewers and I think they’re all douchebags. It’s hovering around 65% on the Tomatometer on, including some hate from my fav reviewers at the Boston Globe and the Times. WTF people, this film is friggin’ genius. Get a clue! I think it’s far superior to any of the comic book flicks from recent years, including X-Men, Spider-Man, and yes even the latest Batman film. In fact, this is the movie that The Dark Knight should have been. Yeah, I said it. I just slapped Dark Knight. I was moved and I’ve read the graphic novel like 10 times.