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TBK Got Canned; Latest On The Beautiful Kind

The Beautiful Kind got canned at her workplace by a real battleaxe complete fuckwad of a boss. Read the full skinny at the AAG Blog and leave your thoughts and advice in comments. Also, if anyone can hook her up with a job, that would be super, too. Read the post: A Very personal Message From The Beautiful Kind.


We sat down and she blurted angrily, “I need to let you go. Corporate office suggested I google employees. I typed in your name and it took me two seconds to find your website. How COULD you put that stuff out there? What were you thinking?! I feel like I’m talking to a 14 year old! We’re DONE.”

What kind of cold hearted bitch says shit like that? Seriously, how can you read TBK and not think anything but wow! this is really hot, how do I get into some of this kinky shit? I mean, it’s practically…poetry. I tell you who…someone who hasn’t had a proper orgasm in two decades. Ughh so frustrating. What a douche.

I’m won’t get on the soapbox and rail against the man any more, but I will say I’m very fortunate to work at a place where I talk freely about my blog and my sex life. Continued

The Beautiful Kind Website Is Down

My #1 favorite adult content blog / website, The Beautiful Kind, is offline indefinitely. There’s a rather lengthy message from the TBK Webmaster that gives a lot of suggestions about what happened but doesn’t clearly state the reason…it’s rather mysterious. Here’s a snippet:


We’re An Editor’s Best On BOOM.

As you may have noticed from the badge in our sidebar, H&L has been featured as an Editor’s pick on You can see all of the picks and latest headlines on I wrote a post recently on 7 sex blogs you should be reading and featured two blogs from Sex Forums. So they must have sniffed us out. I guess all that filthy sex Honey and I are writing about is getting around.


This Sex Toy Costs $60K–Honey, Are You Listening?

What recession? This vibrator is encrusted with diamonds, comes with a detachable diamond ring, and costs $55,000. Created by Paris Jeweler Maison Victor…the toy has a really shitty website, go there now. It doesn’t look particularly fun, if you know what I mean. Would you use this if it magically appeared in your naughty drawer?

Also read the article with pics from the fine folks at The Sun.

Pic after the jump… Continued

When I Act Dumb Chicks Want To Sleep With Me More

I picked up this mediocre looking chick at a bar recently (pic on the left is NOT her). I haven’t done bar pickups in months because I have a new girlfriend, but I was with my wing Lilly and we both needed the practice so there we were.

My opening line to the set: “You two look interesting.” Easy hook from there. I had a phone number and an invite to tour her facility (she works in an art space) within 15 minutes.

I have since met up with this chick, who I’ll call Anna, three times since the PU. The first time we had lunch and that was super duper boring. She talked a mile-a-minute and I couldn’t get a word in edge-wise, which combined with the setting meant I couldn’t generate any attraction. I dipped out of lunch quickly and figured I’d never see the chick again.

The second time I engineered a meetup that same night at a bar. She left her dinner party from across town and met me. We shot pool, danced a little, and had a pretty good time. Minimal talking. We made out at the bar and I took her to my house. We made out on my couch for about an hour. She was a lousy kisser. Because of this, I opted not to push for the lay and I sent her packing at 4:00 am. Plus, she talked too much.


I Just Bonked My Girlfriend On My Lunch Break

I just bonked my girlfriend on my lunch break. It was rad. TGIF phukkers!!