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Blogger Roundtable Open For Business. Topic: Sexual Compatibility

Officially announcing our first blogger roundtable for 2011! I’ve emailed a stable of total blogging cheetahs to participate and I think this one will be our best yet. Deadline is next Monday, March 14th.

Once all the posts are in, I will do a concluding post that collects all the links. I’ll write a brief summary of each post and encourage our readers to explore, thereby sharing the traffic around. Bloggers get a followed link to both your blog and the article itself.


Found This On StumbleUpon, It’s Cool Even Though I Don’t Drink Coffee

Image after the jump, totally safe for work.


Relationships Boiled Down To Two Things

1. Sexual Compatibility

2. Companionship

Pretty simple, right?

My past two relationships, both of which lasted over a year, helped me crystallize what differentiates a good relationship from a bad one.

I’ll briefly describe my last two LTR’s and then put some structure to my relationship model.


How Do You Deal With A Bratty Girlfriend?

Here’s a situation I came across that I wanted to share and get some opinions. Check it out:

My work friend Bill and I knocked off work on Friday and planned to hit happy hour. Bill had to check in with his girlfriend before going. He called her, had a long call and ended up getting into a fight, apparently because he asked about going out. He went out anyway. We had some drinks and yukked it up, then Bill and I went our separate ways.


Could You Date Sasha Grey?

So one of my favorite shows is the HBO series Entourage. I’m pretty much enamored of the ridiculous LA lifestyle that Vincent Chase and Co. lead: partying, driving sweetass cars, dating super beautiful women, making tons of money, chilling with other celebs. It’s a total fantasy (unless you’re actually a celebrity) but it’s good escapism.

One of their current plotlines is the relationship of the main character, Vince Chase, with his new girlfriend Sasha Grey. Sasha Grey is a super popular porn star, the 2008 AVN female performer of the year among other awards, and she plays herself on the show. Vince and Sasha meet at a club, start talking, one thing leads to another and boom they’re dating. Their relationship is actually kind of sweet but also has a dark side.

One of the questions the writers pose is, assuming you had the wherewithal to date Sasha Grey, could you handle the implications of dating a porn star? On the show, Grey is offered a part in an adult film and Vince reacts negatively. Continued

Dirty Sex and Monogamy Is Lame, by Kiera (NSFW)

This is a guest post from Kiera, who blogs at My Secret Hobby. I’ve been reading Kiera for awhile now and I love her stuff. What does she blog about? SEX and more SEX. Raw and unfiltered. I totally love this chick, she gets more play than a bar full of PUA’s. Her tagline is real simple: “The pursuit of cock.” What more is there to say? Enjoy this erotic encounter and then head over to her blog for more goodness.

While I was writing this guest post for Lance I received an drunken offer at 2:30 in the morning to meet up with an old fling… specifically, the guy whose virginity I took about two years ago. I rarely see him in person since he moved so we keep in touch through chat and webcam. Our conversations are always explicit and we always throw out offers to meet up but it never works out.