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Jesus This Is Funny

Need some lolz to get you over the hump? Lance has your back. My sister

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forwarded me this YouTube Bud Light Commercial. Probably the funniest forward I’ve ever gotten. Watch in the privacy of your cube, it’s sorta NSFW. Guffaws will ensue.


Why I Wouldn’t Pay to Send My Kid To College

Lance and I got into a spirited debate in the comments of a recent post about whether or not parents should shoulder the costs for their children to go to college.  Now, this issue is moot for me for a couple reasons:

  1. I’m not having children, and
  2. Jake and I have $100K in student loan debt – APIECE – so between funding our retirement accounts (we got a late start on that, too, since we were already about 30) and paying off our own debts, there’s no way we could afford to send our kids to college even if we had any.

However, it does deserve consideration as a thought experiment about what you value, if nothing else.  Plus he encouraged me to do a separate post on it, so here you go!    Continued

Apple Should Just Buy Best Buy And Fire All These Assholes

Best Buy is so douchey. I went in there today to pick up a laptop that the motherboard crapped out on a while back. For one thing, it took them two months figure it out and fix this fucker even though I told them what the problem was because I researched it online, and they didn’t believe me because how should I know anything about computers since I’m not a Geek Squad dork making $9 an hour? Then they returned the thing and said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it and it was probably a software or virus problem, which was total bullshit because I reformatted it like 5 times trying to get Vista off and XP on and then back to Vista because otherwise it voided my service plan. So I returned it after much negotiation and haranguing, they sent it off to the service center in West Hell and held on to it for another month. In the meantime I was using a MacBook Pro that my work gave me which is like getting a blowjob from the hottest blonde in the galaxy in comparison to my laptop. Continued

Honey Takes Stock in 2010

Hey everyone, so my sexy Vegas post is coming (ha! get it?) but since I am at work on my lunchbreak at the moment, you’re going to get a new year’s resolution-style posting for the moment.  Like Lance, I am less into pure resolutions at this stage in my life, but there is something I have been noticing since I’ve been working full-time…

There’s an old saying that life is what happens while you’re making other plans.  Well, to a certain extent that’s true, and even a good thing.  OTOH, it’s easy to stop living a conscious life when that happens and lose track of your longer-term goals (or even your shorter-term goals).   My goal, then (if you want to call it  that) is to spend a year taking stock of my life.  Here are the two main categories and questions I’m going to ask myself to get started: Continued

Lance’s 2010 Focus: Don’t Be A Douche

It’s taken me a few days to get to this, but here it is. Instead of making a bunch of resolutions I’m going to try to give my year two foci. These are areas of personal development that I’m driving forward. I think this is a more strategic way to handle my projects for the year and it’ll be more productive than making a bunch of vague resolutions. I got this from Steve Pavlina’s 2010 Focus post…be sure to spend a few minutes checking out what he said.


Honey’s 2009 Year In Review

I thought that DD’s post on her year in review was a great way to review, encapsulate, and reflect on what had passed, so I decided to give it a go as well. It seems like the best way to set myself up for my New Year’s resolutions, which will be my next post. 2009 was kind of a wild ride, and I’m aiming for more stability in 2010.


January started off kind of rough, as I was battling a kidney infection, turning out not to be a great snowboarder (despite Jake’s attempts to get me to enjoy it), and financial woes (hey, what else is new, the recession was in full swing). The big highlight was the Dooney & Burke wallet that Jake’s mom got me in a failed attempt to manipulate me into getting him to make up with her. I loooove this wallet and still admire it on a practically daily basis. Continued