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Do We Let Our Friends Fail Because It’s Good For Them?

So here’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately: Do we let our friends/family/loved ones fail because it’s good for them?

Here’s the specific situation that prompted me to ponder this. A close pal of mine is a part-time sports coach in addition to his regular day job. Well, this past summer he decided to take on a second part-time coaching gig, which means he’s now coaching in the early morning before work and then again in the evenings immediately after work. Continued

There Are More Women At Work And This Is Why

Finally following up on Honey’s posting on the article The End of Men, about how women are now the majority of the workforce. The article is long as hell and took me like forever to read, but here’s what it boils down to. Ready?

  • There are more women than men in the workforce for the first time.
  • More women are getting college degrees than men.
  • More chicks in the workplace boosts the performance of a company.
  • Women are valuable because they’re socially intelligent and have strong intellects (agreed)
  • Men are weanies (also generally agree with).

So that’s the gist of it. Thought provoking article, I do recommend checking it out.

I will respond with a couple of personal anecdotes.



A quick update – spring is by FAR the busiest time of year at my job…two out of the three main stressors, though, are out of the way (Thursday and Friday of last week). Unfortunately, I woke up Thursday with a horrible crick in my neck, and couldn’t call in because of the aforementioned huge projects that I was in charge of. Saturday morning when my arm started to go numb, Jake took me to urgent care and I’ve been blissed out on vicodin and muscle relaxers ever since. Continued

I Can Download Porn At Work, Can You?

This post is for my Brazen Careerist peeps, no dirty sex or douchebaggery today. I’m blogging about jobs and stuff.

So the deal is I scored a job with a Web technology startup just under a year ago. I ostensibly do Sales, but as anyone who has ever worked for a startup knows, you wear a lot of different hats in these situations. Besides sales I’ve done some marketing, account management, business development, customer service, SEO, and even a bit of design work. I assist and work with our CEO on a daily basis and I’ve seen all aspects of the business end of the firm. It’s a pretty solid situation to be in.


How to Deal When Things Get Rough

I won’t lie, peeps.  The last month or so has been pretty horrible.  I had just given Jake the go-ahead to look for jobs in other states because he’s so miserable and pissed off all the time at his current job that he’s afraid it’s going to be the demise of our relationship.  And while I currently have no plans to end things, I know why he’s afraid of that happening – he is terrible at compartmentalizing his anger and so when he’s frustrated he does any of the following:

  1. Avoids coming home (which he does to spare me his moods but which he doesn’t tell me about until the last second, which leads to me preparing intricate home-cooked meals he’s not around to eat, or me passing on invitations to go out with my own friends and then him calling me at 8 p.m. to say he’s going out, and it’s too late for me to resurrect my own plans),
  2. Comes home and picks a huge fight with me for basically no reason (like us being out of Propel or me cooking his favorite fish as a surprise for him when apparently he didn’t want fish that day),
  3. Plays video games for 5+ hours at a time and doesn’t talk to me (he bought a PS3 recently).

He (almost) always apologizes for these things, but it certainly isn’t stopping him from doing it in the first place.  We haven’t had sex in almost a month and a couple of times I found myself Googling apartments and hotels because I just didn’t know what to do.  (For the record, I still tried to initiate sex – after the fifth or so time he “rainchecked” me I gave up.) Continued

I Investigated Big Brothers Big Sisters

Like I said I would in my last post on mentorship, I investigated the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Orlando. It seems fairly easy to get into. You have to be at least age 21, fill out a 9 page application and be a solid citizen. They do all kinds of background and reference checks and the fellow I talked to on the phone stated they would visit my house (uh oh put away the beer pong table). On the app, there’s a 15 question questionnaire (example: have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?) and a section where you fill out activities you like/do, things like playing sports and arts and crafts and stuff. From there, I assume, the BBBS folks check you out and eventually match you up with a youth that’s a good fit.