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Blueprint for a Man’s Life

I dug Penelope Trunk’s post, Blueprint for a Woman’s Life. She brought it strong and as usual her stuff was controversial, which I like. I didn’t agree with all of her points–most actually–but it’s worth checking out. I decided to write my own blueprint for guys. I’ve been blogging about relationships/sex/dating on Honey and Lance for 3.5 years (!!!) and I can recommend how a man’s life should go, at least through his mid-30’s. I’d love to see other male and female bloggers write into action him up similar posts and give their perspectives.

Step 1 – Embrace Your Inner Warrior

I’m going to interchange the term warrior and athlete here. We’re all born athletes and have the capacity for strength and endurance. It’s ridiculous to live a life without honoring your physical self and maximizing your body. Men especially are born warriors and need to act like it. Get your asses in the gym and get strong. Benefits: Looking great, health, longer life, great sex.

This the first thing a man should embrace.

“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” – Socrates


Is Performing the Best Part of Life?

Over the holidays, while watching The Nutcracker live on TV, I had an epiphany.

Here it is: Performance and the act of performing is critical to the human experience.

What spurred that thought was watching interviews with several of the kids who played major characters in the production. Even at a young age, children are very much aware that they’re on stage, performing, being judged for their performance, and growing as a result of the experience.

I look back on my life and recall the most vivid, most memorable experiences are ones where I’m performing, especially at a high level.

For me, most of these are sports and adventure related. Without these experiences, I can honestly say that my life would be pretty boring. Perhaps even meaningless.


Here is What Game for 30-Year-Old Dudes Looks Like

Here is what game for guys in their 30’s (and beyond) should look like.

Guys in their 30’s should be successful professionals and have lots of money. At least enough money to sustain a good lifestyle and a family (if you’re into the family thing). You’re either a working professional with a cool career or a small business owner, or both. Either way, you’re driven, ambitious, creative, and a badass.

If you’re single, it’s by choice, and you can always get girlfriends. Even if you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, you have options. It is preferred to live in an area where there are plenty of intelligent men and women…I recommend cities on coasts.

You should not spend all your time running game in bars and clubs. That’s a hassle and you’re past all that. You do go out on special occasions, but the primary purpose of that should be the occasion itself.


How To Have Better Experiences

I’ve been having some great experiences this year in every aspect of my life, from relationships to sports to business. One thing I’ve noticed is the more interesting experiences I have, the more chances Cheap Jewelry Canada there are for detracting from those experiences or otherwise ruining them completely. I find it difficult to live in the moment and maintain the integrity of the present experience because I have so many things going on that encroach on each other.

Here are a couple of examples. When I go to the gym to workout, I will occasionally bring my phone with me and text or even take phone calls from people. I’m sure you’ve seen people who do that! That detracts from the experience of having a great workout, and may even negate some of the benefits of exercising, such as stress relief. My other relationships are now infringing on living in the moment.


Own What Goes On Between Your Ears

Since this is the month of inspiration at H&L, here is a most excellent quote by Gandhi:


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9 Ways To Be Fucking Awesome TODAY

Hello fellow Cheetahs, today’s post is totally badass. The reason why it’s badass is because it’s a list of ways to be FUCKING AWESOME TODAY, stuff you can do before you go to bed. Why fucking awesome? Because being awesome kicks ass and being not-awesome is totally lame.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, make it your goal to be FUCKING AWESOME today. When you’re done with that, wake up and do it again tomorrow until forever.