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My Take On The Mathematics Of Beauty

Ok, let’s completely ignore the fact that I haven’t blogged since October 17th, a much longer hiatus than I ever intended. I’ll get to that later. I’ve had Lance writer’s block for the past couple of months so I figured the best way to bust out of it is to just fire off some content. I’ll do a recap on my life and crap later.

My pal Hammer pointed me to a thought provoking article on the OkTrends blog, called The Mathematics of Beauty, which I thought was pretty interesting. These guys analyze the wealth of data from and usually come up with insightful and sometimes controversial conclusions. See what you think.

I don’t want to spoil the article if you intend to read it, but what they analyzed was the amount of messages women get based on their perceived attractiveness, ie cute vs. super hot vs. ugly etc, and they offer somewhat surprising conclusions and recommendations.


My Paleo Diet Results

I’ve experimented with diet in the past, notably here where I tried and failed miserably at going vegetarian for a month.

Paleo Diet (also known as Paleolithic or Primal) is a diet that is really popular among Crossfit athletes and I happen to be a member of a Crossfit gym where I live, so I’ve been getting pretty heavy exposure to it for about a year. I decided to give Paleo a serious look and I’m happy to report that I’ve been doing it for about 2 months now at a decent level and with interesting results.

Paleo is basically the following:

  • Emphasizes lean meats (fish, fowl, lean red meat, pork, etc)
  • Removes bread, pasta, rice, cereal, beans, and anything with gluten in it
  • Most carbs come from fruits and vegetables, but carbs are de-emphasized.
  • Pretty much a clean diet, so cuts out anything that is chemical heavy and high fructose corn syrup. Thus, no soda, candy, and generally no mass produced condiments.


Could You Date Sasha Grey?

So one of my favorite shows is the HBO series Entourage. I’m pretty much enamored of the ridiculous LA lifestyle that Vincent Chase and Co. lead: partying, driving sweetass cars, dating super beautiful women, making tons of money, chilling with other celebs. It’s a total fantasy (unless you’re actually a celebrity) but it’s good escapism.

One of their current plotlines is the relationship of the main character, Vince Chase, with his new girlfriend Sasha Grey. Sasha Grey is a super popular porn star, the 2008 AVN female performer of the year among other awards, and she plays herself on the show. Vince and Sasha meet at a club, start talking, one thing leads to another and boom they’re dating. Their relationship is actually kind of sweet but also has a dark side.

One of the questions the writers pose is, assuming you had the wherewithal to date Sasha Grey, could you handle the implications of dating a porn star? On the show, Grey is offered a part in an adult film and Vince reacts negatively. Continued

Dirty Sex and Monogamy Is Lame, by Kiera (NSFW)

This is a guest post from Kiera, who blogs at My Secret Hobby. I’ve been reading Kiera for awhile now and I love her stuff. What does she blog about? SEX and more SEX. Raw and unfiltered. I totally love this chick, she gets more play than a bar full of PUA’s. Her tagline is real simple: “The pursuit of cock.” What more is there to say? Enjoy this erotic encounter and then head over to her blog for more goodness.

While I was writing this guest post for Lance I received an drunken offer at 2:30 in the morning to meet up with an old fling… specifically, the guy whose virginity I took about two years ago. I rarely see him in person since he moved so we keep in touch through chat and webcam. Our conversations are always explicit and we always throw out offers to meet up but it never works out.


Keep Things Fresh In The Bedroom: Imitate Porn (NSFW)

So I was thinking the other day that since my girlfriend is vanilla as Breyers, I masturbate a ton more than I normally would if I was in a proper relationship with ridiculously good sex. Usually when I flog the dolphin, I’ll fire up the laptop and go to one of my favorite porn sites. These include:,,, and This is really the only way I can get through my super boring actual sex life, unless of course I cheat on my girlfriend and have a ONS with a random chick. (Note, NSFW video after the jump).


Honey’s Greatest Hits: The Guy Who Said I Gave Him Herpes

This is probably one of my funniest dating stories in retrospect, though it was not funny in the least at the time!  As I mentioned in a recent post, after Lance and I broke up “officially,” I hooked up with two guys in 24 hours.  One of these guys was someone I had known for about 2 years who I had always had something of a mutual crush with.  He was by then working for an academic publishing house, though I’d met him when he was a graduate student in history.  His name was Evan.

Since we’d known each other for some time, and also because he knew I was moving, it was pretty clear (even without telling him all the deets of my recent breakup) that this was a pure hookup situation, NSA sex.  We used a condom, it didn’t break, nothing weird about the encounter at all except he did speak Portuguese fluently and there was a lot of sexy talk I didn’t understand but which turned me on pretty effectively.  A couple of weeks after our date, I moved to Arizona.  Then he called me a month later,

“Is there anything about your sexual past you need to share with me?” were the first words out of his mouth. Continued