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How To Destroy Creepiness In Guys (Part 1)

This post was inspired by The Beautiful Kind’s (TBK) blog entitled, Can Creepy Men Be Cured? Before I jump into it, I want to say that I’m a major fan of TBK, not just because of all the hot sex talk going on over there, but because her advice and perspectives on sex and relationships are edgy and real. She’s like the antithesis of mainstream bullshit relationship advice you find on a 1000 other sites on the net. If you want to keep it real and have fun doing it, subscribe to her blog.


The Only Reason To Do eHarmony: Lindsey Lohan (video)

Funny or Die is my new BFF. This one features Lindsey Lohan in an eHarmony video. Lolz. Also, why do I still think she’s hot? Does that make me a bad person?

$$ Quote: “I’m looking for someone I can spend the rest of my life with. Or at least my probation.”


More Love for How Rihanna Met Her Boyfriend (Video)

Why can’t all videos be like this? So honest. This is how Matt Kemp, outfielder for the Dodgers, bagged uber-hottie Rihanna. Match’s tentacles are slithering into sports and

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pop. Note the special little dig at Chris Brown at the end. Love it.

Continued gives 5000 Fatties the Boot

I love it., the site that only lets in hotties, has supposedly given 5000 members the boot for putting on too much weight over the holidays. It did this by reviewing new pictures that members had uploaded. Sounds like a big PR stunt to me…who uploads pictures of themselves looking that much fatter to an online dating site?

Money quote from site founder Robert Hintze:

“Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which was founded.”


A Tale of A Compromise

Lance and I talk a lot about compromise – what it means to adapt your own interactions to cater to someone else’s love style, for example, or being supportive of your partner’s desire for a dog even though you hate them. Here’s another example of Honey and Jake: Compromise in Action.

Jake hates household chores.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, right? Is there anyone out there who likes household chores? I can think of one friend, but only one. Continued

I’ve Had Weird Dating Experiences Lately. But I Think I Have a Girlfriend.

Dating has been a complete adventure the last few weeks. At one point, I had dates lined up with four different chicks, four nights in a row. I declared my undying love at least once. Maybe twice. And now I think I have a girlfriend with a chick who’s unemployed and lives with her parents. I’ll explain.