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Calling All Bloggers! Let’s Talk Virgins!

Similar to what we did last March on the subject of attraction (see here and here), we’re putting a call out for a bunch of cool bloggers to do another roundtable. The subject this time around is virginity. Sweet! I love virgins! Oh wait…actually I don’t, but you’ll have to wait until my post to read why.

Any blogger can feel free to join in on this. We’re asking you to post on the topic on YOUR blog and then link to the other posts when the roundtable is over. This isn’t a contest, there are no prizes, and we’re simply looking for your interesting perspectives. We’re looking for posts to be published by next Wednesday, October 1. If you do participate, please drop the link to your post in our comments section.

There are several great benefits:

1. Test out your writing chops.

2. By interlinking the posts everyone will pump up their pageranking and take advantage of search engine traffic. Having a keyword like “virgin” or “virginity” could be a bonanzo, too, and give your post a majorly long tail.

3. Drive our individual audiences to other blogs.

4. Read interesting and diverse perspectives.

When the roundtable is over, we’ll summarize and link all of the participants in The Weekly and spread the link love. We’re also asking everyone to link to the other posts in your entry, like this:

To Get Your Wheels Turning

With Natalie Dylan and Raffealla Fico auctioning off their v-cards and The Virgin finally getting laid (hoorah!), what kind of value does virginity have in our society, anyway?

Feel free to approach the topic any way you’d like.  For example, what should we be encouraging as a society as far as how long to keep ”it” and who to give it up to?  What’s the most important thing that could be learned the first time, and did you learn it your first time?  What advice would you give to a younger person (say, a child, for those of you who are parents)?  Is virginity even a big deal? How did losing your virginity in the way that you did impact your future relationships?  How much is virginity worth, anyway?

Also, feel free to tell your own virginity story.

Here are some links to get your wheels turning:

We look forward to reading what everyone has to say.

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