Brooklyn Man Sues for $5M Because of Fake Profiles

Hahahaha! More accolades for, which is finally getting sued for having fake profiles and sending BS winks and emails to male customers. See this article in the New York Post where Brooklynite Sean McGinn is suing for $5 million, citing the pain and anguish he felt when his emails were unreplied to because they were going to fake accounts. Boo hoo. I love it.  Nothing like getting super depressed because you emailed 100 chicks on Match and no one emailed back. UPDATE: McGinn dropped the lawsuit because he was ridiculed massively on the Internet. Really? Too bad, would love to have seen Match get it in the 5-hole on this one. Ironically, he met his current girlfriend on Match. Not even sure what to say about that.

See video here from Fox News:

I love that the news anchor is blonde, has big boobs, and acts like a total idiot when describing the whole deal. Also, why are these lawyers and news people giving love advice? Friggin’ New Yorkers, think they know everything.

Let me just say this. I’ve written before about my experiences with fake profiles on It’s common knowledge that this is going on and I think it’s completely ridiculous, but when I was doing online dating I accepted it 100% as just part of the game. Learning how to sift through the noise, so to speak. If you’re going to do the thing, and everyone has/is, get your bullshit detector ready.

  • lisaq

    It’s completely ridiculous. I’m glad someone at least kinda called them out.
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  • dadshouse sucks. But so do all the online dating sites. Time magazine names eHarmony one of the 5 worst websites a few years back, for disappointment and utter despair it caused.

    I say props to this guy for sueing Too bad he dropped it. We could have had a class action suit or something.
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  • Shannon

    The “emotional distress” thing is bullcrap, but Match and other sites do need to be taken to task for this deceptive practice.

    Not just Match either, others sites have done it. I signed up for a free profile at some dating site once but lost interest and never filled a profile out, and despite having nothing whatsoever on my profile, I was getting “winks” and “messages,” which I could see if I signed up for paid membership, of course 😉

  • Lance

    I have actually met a content writer from the Philippines who writes fakeys for like ten cents a pop. It’s retarded. They outsource this crap to non-English speakers and that’s why they are all written shitily.

  • Evan Marc Katz

    Sorry, but doesn’t post fake profiles. Nigerian scammers might post fake profiles on to try to sucker people into providing their emails, but it’s not in Match’s interest to post fake profiles – for the obvious reasons. This is just some dude lashing out because he’s ineffective at online dating.

    Online dating is fine. It’s the people doing it who need help.
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  • carrie

    hmm i’m not so sure cos my best friend uses match and he constantly lets his subscription go down then miraculously receives a message every couple of days from a new hot girl… nigerian scammers would not benefit by messaging members who have no subscription as they cannot reply… the only party that would benefit from that would be Match as far as I can see it.
    Great blog by the way!
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  • TJ

    Fake profiles not in the interest of What are you the CEO? Yes it is for obvious reasons. They are used to keep the interest of the real people, for instance, casting fake winks every time your subscription goes down and to bombard you with winks and emails every time you do get a genuinue wink or email. They don’t actually want you to succeed at this. Come on.

  • JL

    Yeah, both me and my boyfriend met on Match, but after we both closed our accounts, Match put us both back on again as ‘active’ – you can imagine the upset it caused!!

  • JL

    Yeah, I’ve had some experience of this. Both me and my boyfriend had met on Match, and after we both closed our accounts, they put us both back up again as ‘active’ – you can imagine the upset it caused!