Blogger Roundtable Open For Business. Topic: Sexual Compatibility

Officially announcing our first blogger roundtable for 2011! I’ve emailed a stable of total blogging cheetahs to participate and I think this one will be our best yet. Deadline is next Monday, March 14th.

Once all the posts are in, I will do a concluding post that collects all the links. I’ll write a brief summary of each post and encourage our readers to explore, thereby sharing the traffic around. Bloggers get a followed link to both your blog and the article itself.

Topic: Sexual compatibility

This topic has been on my mind lately. Why? Because of the last two relationships I was in, which I wrote about in this post. One relationship the sex was awesome but the companionship sucked, and the other where the companionship was perfect but the sex was awful. The juxtaposition of those two relationships really had my head reeling. It got me to thinking of a number of questions:

  • What exactly is sexual compatibility?
  • Is physical attraction the same thing?
  • Would you sleep with someone you’re not really attracted to? Would you sleep with someone that you know would be terrible for you in a relationship?
  • Is electricity and the thrill of the new the same thing as sexual compatibility?  If the thrill of the new contributes to compatibility, are you doomed once that wears off?
  • Is sexual compatibility permanent?  I.e., if you’re sexually compatible with someone now then is it just an automatic you will always be that way? Does time/age reduce or increase it?
  • If you’re not particularly sexual compatible but have a great relationship, how do you handle that? Do you just forget about the sex?
  • How can you communicate what your sexual values, likes/dislikes, and particular style is? For example, if you are a Dom, how do you communicate with potential mates to find a submissive? Do you bring this up on your first coffee date?
  • What’s more important to you, the sex or the companionship? Can you live with one without the other?
  • How hard is it to find the perfect companion who also happens to be amazing in the sack?

I’m looking forward to the flood of awesomeness.

If you’re a blogger reading this and interested in participating, you may also join the fray. The rules are simple: 1) write on the topic and go in any direction, 2) post on your own blog, 3) let me know when you’ve published, 4) try to publish by the deadline, which is March 14th, and 5) don’t suck. I like thoughtful, creative stuff with a fresh perspective. If you think you can hang, then let me know what you’ve written any of these ways:

  • Drop me an email or
  • Drop me a comment in this post.
  • DM on Twitter: @honeyandlance.
  • Use the twitter hashtag #cheetahclub

Be the cheetah you were born to be.

Past Roundtables

One thing we love doing here at is interacting with other bloggers in our niche or related niches, either by leaving thoughtful comments or responding to a post with a full blown blog post of our own. In the past, we’ve even gone so far as to host a contest and a blogger roundtable, where we invite other bloggers to write on a single topic and share audiences. As a writer, it really gets me fired up to contribute to a larger, worthwhile conversation.

Here are the roundup of posts for both our Kickass Contest and Blogger Roundtable, both of which I think were totally awesome:

  • Kendra Holliday

    I look forward to participating in this roundtable! Great topic!