Best eHarmony Profile Ever

Friday goodness. This chick Cheap Jewelry Canada REALLY loves cats. Can’t decide if I’d give her the LanceĀ Pandora Jewelry Canada business or not, it’s a toughie.


  • Honey


  • Hammer

    Definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Can’t possibly be real though.

  • Girlwithnoname (Jackie)

    BAH! I say this is an actor trying to go viral and make a name for herself (it’s working, right?)… you can hear the cam operator snicker towards the end.

    scam. <- my 2cents.

  • Donna

    She had me until ” I just love cats. I want them sitting on rainbows “. Fantastic.

  • Lance

    Hahaha, yes I believe it’s a spoof of an eharmony video. Check out her youtube channel. Pretty awesome parody if you ask me.

  • Jean Gogolin

    If this twit has an MBA I’m a cat. Just don’t let her take care of me.

  • Elaine Smith

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  • Ben

    Funny stuff :) Thanks for the post.