Add Contxts to Your Game

Discovered this little gem on, I’m adding it to my game immediately.

Contxts image

Contxts are cool text message “business cards” that anyone with a cell phone can access. You set up an account, chose a handle, fill out your contact info, and start giving folks (re: chicks) your username. When someone sends a text with your username to 50500, they get back a text that contains the info you punched into your Contxt account. Typical info would include name, phone number, email, Twitter ID, Facebook ID, IM name, etc etc. You get 140 characters to play with, so really you can put anything in there. Simple and easy.

This way you either ditch the business cards entirely or supplement with Contxts.

Also, it’s totally free. Nice.

Why Is This Cool?

It’s cool because it’s a super easy way to exchange contact info with someone, particularly hot chicks in bars, and it’s also cool because it’s new tech stuff. Geekery for sure, but totally sweet.

Here’s a routine:

“Hey, have you heard of”

She answers, probably no.

“Check it out. Pull out your phone and text [username] to 50500.”

She’ll get a reply text with your contact info. At that point a number close is a cinch.

If you want to get clever, you can put in a funny/interesting line in the contxt before you go out. A gay line would be, “I think ur hot.” An ironic line would be, “I just got your number :)” You get the idea. Play with it.

Also, I tend to lose business cards when I’m out drinking. Contxts solves that problem.

Sorry, can’t publish my Contxt username here, I don’t want every freakin’ e-stalker getting my digits. Try the demo account, send text “daniel” to 50500 to see how it works.