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How To Have Better Experiences

I’ve been having some great experiences this year in every aspect of my life, from relationships to sports to business. One thing I’ve noticed is the more interesting experiences I have, the more chances Cheap Jewelry Canada there are for detracting from those experiences or otherwise ruining them completely. I find it difficult to live in the moment and maintain the integrity of the present experience because I have so many things going on that encroach on each other.

Here are a couple of examples. When I go to the gym to workout, I will occasionally bring my phone with me and text or even take phone calls from people. I’m sure you’ve seen people who do that! That detracts from the experience of having a great workout, and may even negate some of the benefits of exercising, such as stress relief. My other relationships are now infringing on living in the moment.


Best eHarmony Profile Ever

Friday goodness. This chick Cheap Jewelry Canada REALLY loves cats. Can’t decide if I’d give her the LanceĀ Pandora Jewelry Canada business or not, it’s a toughie.