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Do We Let Our Friends Fail Because It’s Good For Them?

So here’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately: Do we let our friends/family/loved ones fail because it’s good for them?

Here’s the specific situation that prompted me to ponder this. A close pal of mine is a part-time sports coach in addition to his regular day job. Well, this past summer he decided to take on a second part-time coaching gig, which means he’s now coaching in the early morning before work and then again in the evenings immediately after work. Continued

How to Act Girlfriendy and Get Guys

So I wanted to write a post that was sort of a wrap-up of a flirtation I had almost a year ago. In this post, where I made out with my co-worker and said the worst line ever, I described a bar makeup with a friend of mine who I had amazing chemistry with. When I say amazing, I was like declaring my undying love inside of 15′. Sure, I was a little drunk, but that doesn’t matter. I completely stopped blogging about her shortly after and she fell out of my real life around Christmas of 2009. I haven’t seen her since. So what happened? As you’ll recall, at the time, she was in a LTR and basically living with her man.