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Keep Things Fresh In The Bedroom: Imitate Porn (NSFW)

So I was thinking the other day that since my girlfriend is vanilla as Breyers, I masturbate a ton more than I normally would if I was in a proper relationship with ridiculously good sex. Usually when I flog the dolphin, I’ll fire up the laptop and go to one of my favorite porn sites. These include:,,, and This is really the only way I can get through my super boring actual sex life, unless of course I cheat on my girlfriend and have a ONS with a random chick. (Note, NSFW video after the jump).


TBK’s Free eBook: Book of Goddess

My fav unemployed kinky blogger, The Beautiful Kind, just published an ebook called The Book of Goddess. It’s aimed at women and the tagline is “elevating your desirability to mythic proportions.” It’s completely FREE, like you don’t even have to punch in an email address to get it. Just download, read, and enjoy. It includes a number of kinky sex snippets from TBK’s journal and several sections of good advice. I read it and think other dudes can get a lot out of her perspective, so don’t be shy if you have a penis and you’re thinking about reading it. Also, her blog is the shizzy, surf in and read like 4-5 posts, it’s guaranteed to get you turned on.


Eat Pray Love vs. The Expendables. Time To Man Up

Battle of the sexes comes down to this one, ultimate carnage-filled clash on August 13.  The choice is either Eat, Pray, Love or Sly’s The Expendables.You’re not a fucking dude if you choose the former.

This may be the best Stallone yet. This makes “testosterone fueled” look like a day at pilates. Bros, break up with your wives and girlyfriends if you must. There is nothing more important than making the correct choice that day:


Honey’s Greatest Hits: The Guy Who Said I Gave Him Herpes

This is probably one of my funniest dating stories in retrospect, though it was not funny in the least at the time!  As I mentioned in a recent post, after Lance and I broke up “officially,” I hooked up with two guys in 24 hours.  One of these guys was someone I had known for about 2 years who I had always had something of a mutual crush with.  He was by then working for an academic publishing house, though I’d met him when he was a graduate student in history.  His name was Evan.

Since we’d known each other for some time, and also because he knew I was moving, it was pretty clear (even without telling him all the deets of my recent breakup) that this was a pure hookup situation, NSA sex.  We used a condom, it didn’t break, nothing weird about the encounter at all except he did speak Portuguese fluently and there was a lot of sexy talk I didn’t understand but which turned me on pretty effectively.  A couple of weeks after our date, I moved to Arizona.  Then he called me a month later,

“Is there anything about your sexual past you need to share with me?” were the first words out of his mouth. Continued

There Are More Women At Work And This Is Why

Finally following up on Honey’s posting on the article The End of Men, about how women are now the majority of the workforce. The article is long as hell and took me like forever to read, but here’s what it boils down to. Ready?

  • There are more women than men in the workforce for the first time.
  • More women are getting college degrees than men.
  • More chicks in the workplace boosts the performance of a company.
  • Women are valuable because they’re socially intelligent and have strong intellects (agreed)
  • Men are weanies (also generally agree with).

So that’s the gist of it. Thought provoking article, I do recommend checking it out.

I will respond with a couple of personal anecdotes.