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7 Kickass Sex Blogs You Should Be Reading

Welcome you smarmy perverts! I’ve been checking out some of the best sex and kink blogs around (shocker, I know) and I’m here to present to you Lance’s favorite 7 sex blogs. These blogs consistently bring me enjoyment, sometimes give me a chubby, often cause me to laugh, and almost always expand my mind about what is possible in the bedroom. My only requirement when reviewing was that they were written by real people who were blogging about their actual sex lives. Is this is a great job or what?

It goes without saying, these are NSFW. Enjoy.


I Investigated Big Brothers Big Sisters

Like I said I would in my last post on mentorship, I investigated the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Orlando. It seems fairly easy to get into. You have to be at least age 21, fill out a 9 page application and be a solid citizen. They do all kinds of background and reference checks and the fellow I talked to on the phone stated they would visit my house (uh oh put away the beer pong table). On the app, there’s a 15 question questionnaire (example: have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?) and a section where you fill out activities you like/do, things like playing sports and arts and crafts and stuff. From there, I assume, the BBBS folks check you out and eventually match you up with a youth that’s a good fit.


Mentoring Will Change Your Life. Also, Don’t Be Selfish

There are a few stretches in my life where I wish I had the influence of a strong and positive mentoring figure. I hate playing the what-if game–what-if I had done this instead of that, would I have a better job/relationship/life now?–but I do think that having good mentors can make a difference. I’ll share a couple of those examples and then share my own experiences as a mentor.