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Why I Like Butt Sex

Spurred by Honey’s comment about anal sex on our guest post, Spanking for Beginners, I thought I would try to address why I like it. I’ve done a ton of thinking on the topic of pooper sex and why it’s such a big deal and why it works and doesn’t work for some people. I’ve debated with multiple (female) rump virgins on the topic, always unsuccessfully, but it’s worth giving it a shot.


This Is The Best Movie I’ve Seen In A Year: Strickly Sexual

Saw a link to this amazing indie film somewhere today, I watched the whole thing on I was super skeptical at first and normally I hate watching movies online, but this flick is awesome. Super funny, well acted, genuine emotions, realistic look at weird relationships. The sex is hot (although no nudity).


Moving, Meetup, and Other Updates

Hey everyone!  I’ve been off in a little reflective mode lately, as I mentioned in my sort-of New Year’s Resolutions post that I was going to be taking stock of my life and making a conscious effort to do the things that make me happiest.  The thinking part gummed up my blogging mojo for a bit, but I decided that it was time to report on my progress in some different areas. Continued

Spanking for Beginners (Guest Post)

I’ve been exploring D/s this year and I’ve been fascinated by the spanking part. Like, why do people get into it and why is it such a turn on, especially for her? Like most vanilla peeps, there was a point where I thought spanking was lame, even ridiculous. Now I love it and so do my partners. To shed some insight on the subject, I asked excellent sex and kink blogger The Beautiful Kind to share her thoughts on the subject. Please check out her blog for more goodness (NSFW).

Also be sure to check back later this week when we have Eathan from kinking it up. Enjoy!

Years ago I had a girlfriend who wanted a riding crop for Christmas, and I thought, “Oh my!” I’ve been to more than one party that featured a flogger where I was just a voyeur, and it looked pretty intense. I wondered what people got out of spanking. I mean, I spent my whole childhood trying to avoid a spanking, why would I want one voluntarily as an adult? I finally decided to get some firsthand experience with the kinky pastime.

I told the guy I’ve been playing with I had submissive tendencies, so he suggested I bend over his knee. I’d been slapped on the ass during sex, but have never “assumed the position” like that. I balked for oh, about negative one second, then decided to give it a try. Oh my gosh it was hot! He spanked me and get me all hot and steamy and wet and then finger fucked me, then spanked me again. I liked feeling his hand leave my ass, which meant it was about to come back down. More than two spanks in a row was deliciously unbearable.


How To Get A Totally Jacked Chest That Women Will Love

(Another pic of Lance)

Okay, who wants to have a totally jacked chest that will have chicks pawing at you? This guy right here does. Ups to Dadshouse who inspired me to write this from his comment in my post on destroying creepiness and improving your life.


Jesus This Is Funny

Need some lolz to get you over the hump? Lance has your back. My sister

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forwarded me this YouTube Bud Light Commercial. Probably the funniest forward I’ve ever gotten. Watch in the privacy of your cube, it’s sorta NSFW. Guffaws will ensue.