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State Trooper Fired After Getting Hummer From Porn Star

TFIG you bastardz! As usual, H&L only brings you the very best of the web.

Tennessee State Trooper pulls over hot porn star, gets mad BJ in the squad car, takes video, ends up on blog, you can guess the rest. Porn Star, aka Barbie Cummings, still gets nailed for $180 speeding ticket. Is that move douchey or not douchey? You decide. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Quote of the week:


The New iPad

Because it’s literally the first thing that I thought of when I heard the name of apple’s

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new tablet, I have to share:


7 Ways To Destroy Creepiness and Improve Your Life (Part 2)

In my previous post on creepiness I talked about why guys get creepy and also tried to dispel a few misconceptions on creepiness and pickup arts. I stated that studying pickup and practicing social skills has improved every area of my life, and I meant it. Now it’s time to share some strategies anyone can use to destroy creepiness and get more social.

So without further ado, 7 ways to destroy creepiness and improve your social life. Continued

Microsoft Store Dancing Is Like Watching A Car Accident In Slow Motion


Blatantly stealing a page from one of my favorite blogs,, I couldn’t resist doing some Microsoft bashing. Continued

How To Destroy Creepiness In Guys (Part 1)

This post was inspired by The Beautiful Kind’s (TBK) blog entitled, Can Creepy Men Be Cured? Before I jump into it, I want to say that I’m a major fan of TBK, not just because of all the hot sex talk going on over there, but because her advice and perspectives on sex and relationships are edgy and real. She’s like the antithesis of mainstream bullshit relationship advice you find on a 1000 other sites on the net. If you want to keep it real and have fun doing it, subscribe to her blog.


Apple Should Just Buy Best Buy And Fire All These Assholes

Best Buy is so douchey. I went in there today to pick up a laptop that the motherboard crapped out on a while back. For one thing, it took them two months figure it out and fix this fucker even though I told them what the problem was because I researched it online, and they didn’t believe me because how should I know anything about computers since I’m not a Geek Squad dork making $9 an hour? Then they returned the thing and said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it and it was probably a software or virus problem, which was total bullshit because I reformatted it like 5 times trying to get Vista off and XP on and then back to Vista because otherwise it voided my service plan. So I returned it after much negotiation and haranguing, they sent it off to the service center in West Hell and held on to it for another month. In the meantime I was using a MacBook Pro that my work gave me which is like getting a blowjob from the hottest blonde in the galaxy in comparison to my laptop. Continued