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Insight Into A Guy’s Mind

Last night I decided to create a surprise for Jake when he got home.  It was all inspired by these fancy cupcakes that were on sale at Fry’s.  I don’t eat sweets, but Jake loves them, so I got him a layered, frosted, cream-filled German chocolate piece of deliciousness.

Sunday, he’d taken some wild turbot fillets out of the freezer.  I am always leery when he does this, as he has a hectic schedule and doesn’t cook very often (and I am also sort of opposed to eating fish at home and don’t like that he even buys it).  But by Tuesday, it was clear: cook the fish tonight or it was going to go bad.

So I used a citrus rub that he’d bought recently, some olive oil, and some fresh lemons to create a marinade.  I broiled it for 5 minutes a side and then put it on a bed of quinoa flavored with shallots, garlic, and leeks as well as a “chicken” vegan bouillon, and served it with what is probably the last of this season’s fresh corn on the cob.

New iPhone Stalkerware Makes Me Want to Yak

People, please. This is getting a little out of hand. A company called Intelius has gotten a little too clever for their own good and developed an app that lets women go super stalkery on their male dates. The app is called Date Check, which checks for criminal record, net worth, living status (married or single) and various personal details that are pulled from social media sites. The app, when it’s released later this fall, will be free to download but will cost you money to run the checks.


Brooklyn Man Sues for $5M Because of Fake Profiles

Hahahaha! More accolades for, which is finally getting sued for having fake profiles and sending BS winks and emails to male customers. See this article in the New York Post where Brooklynite Sean McGinn is suing for $5 million, citing the pain and anguish he felt when his emails were unreplied to because they were going to fake accounts. Boo hoo. I love it.  Nothing like getting super depressed because you emailed 100 chicks on Match and no one emailed back. UPDATE: McGinn dropped the lawsuit because he was ridiculed massively on the Internet. Really? Too bad, would love to have seen Match get it in the 5-hole on this one. Ironically, he met his current girlfriend on Match. Not even sure what to say about that.

See video here from Fox News: Continued

How’d You Get That Hickey, Eh?

So the other day I noticed that I had what appeared to be a hickey.  A bruise on my neck that was both discolored and tender.

That’s strange, I thought.  Jake hasn’t given me a hickey.

Then I panicked.  What if he asks me how I got it?!  I certainly hadn’t gotten a hickey from someone else, but “I have no idea how that got there” is hardly a satisfactory answer – after what happened in July, I certainly wouldn’t accept that answer from Jake.

Then after my yoga class I was walking to my car, and thought, Ouch!  The strap from my gym bag is rubbing right against…


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Frickin’ Awesome Video Content From The 21 Convention–Totally FREE


If you’re into attraction science and social artistry like me, be sure to spend some time perusing the site for The 21 Convention. It’s partly a blog and also a space for all things related

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to the Convention. Well, the best feature of the site is the VIDEO. The speakers are recorded and the video is available in high-def right now, completely for free. See this archive page for 18 videos from the 2009 Convention. These are not trailers, these are the actual full-length presentations. Totally sick, especially when you consider that DVD video with high value content often costs hundreds of dollars in the community. I have to point out also that the convention itself is an amazing value, only costing a couple of hundred bucks for a ticket, when compared to some of the summits and conferences that can cost several thousands dollars a head. Dream continues to do good work.


Creative Strategies For Getting Your GF/BF To Change

Evan Marc Katz recently wrote a thought provoking post called, Can he Really Be A Good Guy Who Just Got Scared And Bolted, Or Am I Right To Wonder About The Strength Of His Character? In it, a woman named Dee Ann described a guy she dated for a month that she had an awesome connection with. The guy disappeared, no explanation, no contact, poof. Two months go by and the guy contacted Dee Ann out of the blue, apologied profusely and stated that stress caused him to disappear. They eventually start dating again. She wrote to Evan seeking advice and wondered about her man’s integrity.