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Can He Come Too Soon?

So in one of my recent posts I mentioned that I gave the BF a blowjob before heading off to work…and of course horny pervs DM and Lisaq focused on that and completely ignored my recommendations for stinky goat cheese and tangerine-flavored vinegar (fools).  However, there was something notable about that particular blowjob that got me thinking…

I was hesitant to give him the BJ at first because I didn’t want to be late to work.  I mean, I live 3 miles from work, so there’s no real excuse for that when they’re laying off people in June and I’m in the middle of my performance review right at this very moment (it’s going very well!  I can’t believe I will have been there for a year this summer).

But, his perfect cock beckoned… Continued


So this isn’t the first time that I’ve heard the term shopportunistic bandied about lately.  I don’t remember the first – I subscribe to a lot of personal finance sites, so it could have been anywhere – but the latest is on a Marshall’s commercial.  I first noticed this only because every time the commercial came on (I was actually watching something live, can you believe it?) I looked up, confused.  I could swear that the woman in the commercial is Brenda Strong, the actress who plays the dead narrator, Mary Alice Young, in Desperate Housewives.
And then I realized that’s exactly why they hired her (or someone who sounds incredibly like her) to do the voice-over.  After five seasons, America’s used to hearing her only as a voice narrating events.  I know it made me listen.

I need some new dress shirts for work.  Hey!  I heard there was a sale at Marshall’s…

Spring Chicken: Birthday Celebrations!

So I totally missed the deadline for DM’s Spring Fling blogging contest – work has been crazy – how is it my problem that the day before a deadline everyone who was supposed to submit an annual review didn’t know how to combine multiple documents into a single PDF file? Sigh. However, I mentioned it was the BF’s birthday, and since a) he’s a spring chicken/Aries and I wanted you all to know how it ended up going down anyway, I thought I’d combine the two occasions into one fabulous post. Continued