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10 Twitter Hotties You Should Follow

Inspired by this post about sexy twitterers at the Ms. Single Mama blog, I decided to put together a list of my favorite Twitter hotties. I nosed around and found 10 hot chicks well worth following.

I had a couple of requirements for this little exercise. Continued

Filthy Butt Sex On New Years Eve

Here’s a great raunchy story from the holidays that includes vigorous butt sex. Enjoy.


Me, my girlfriend Megan, and a bunch of my pals stayed at a beach house over New Years. Continued

The Weekly: Gorging on Obama, The Coolest Thing Ever, Obama Mancrush, Nappy Hair, Less Fat Kids

I had a filthy sex post queued up and ready to go, but decided to pull it in favor of traveling the high road. I’m busting out a Weekly with a roundup of posts about Obama and the Inauguration from around the Web and our blog friends. Enjoy.

Filthy sex to appear later this week, I promise.


Is Sex a Distraction or Should We All Just Get Laid?

Yo, wanted to respond to Holly Hoffman’s excellent post, News Flash: Sex is a Distraction. She’s got a lot of great stuff in there and I suggest you pop over and read it. Here are some points I picked out:

  • Holly pooh-poohed her old fuck buddy relationship.
  • She got laid on New Years Eve via a bar pickup. No, it wasn’t me. It looked suspiciously like a two-day stand, which I have zero problem with–go Holly!
  • Relationships and sex are distractions.
  • Women spend too much time getting made up for dates.
  • She suggests it’s okay for women to focus on their careers and not have sex even though it might be socially unacceptable.


My Boyfriend’s Mother

Since the BF grew up here in Phoenix, his immediate family (mom, dad, and brother) still live here.  While he has only had to go through the ordeal of flying to my hometown and meeting my dad once, I have had to hang out with his family on numerous occasions (both holiday and casual).  While I think that I have done a decent job of, well, being a decent human being that any family would be proud to have included in such occasions, this is not a “how to” post, but a far more interesting and gossipy one. Continued

Thought Leader Interview Series: David Wygant

Happy New Year! The Thought Leader Interview Series continues, this time with the Granddaddy of Dating Coaches, David Wygant. There’s really not much more to say except that Wygant has some SCATHING things to say about the pickup community. Read on…

You can find David’s product site and blog at


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