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The Weekly: Naughty Easter Bunny Edition

March madness people! Even better than topless photos of Ashley Dupre. What’s that? She was underage when getting filmed by Girls Gone Wild in the buff? WTF?? See here.

Whoopsie. Looks like Joe Francis, founder of GGW, who just got out of jail, may be in more hot water.


You Want A Player Boyfriend, Trust Me

Ah, Happen Magazine. I love these people. Really mainstream dating advice that’s so watered down it’s useless or just plain inaccurate. See this article, “Are you dating a player?” The author, Dustin Goot, gives us the 5 signs of a player versus 5 signs of a nice guy. Here’s me taking him to task…

5 signs of a player

He’s bold. True, all players are bold. This is totally a good thing. I mean, who wants a shy guy? Beta. Shy equals wussy. Shy equals indecisive. Shy equals lousy in the sack. Nuff said.


Ashley Dupre In Hot Lesbo Action

Thank the maker Honey is here to keep this a relatively clean outfit. I have totally descended into pop culture watching, Googling nudie pics of Ashley Dupre, and reading the New York Post.

More awesome hooker news. Apparently Dupre’s million dollar prospects may be drying up. That took all of what…24 hours? See this article in The Post. Girls Gone Wild offered $1M to pose nude, but quickly rescinded the offer when they realized they already had video of her getting nutty during spring break at age 18. This includes nudie and hot lesbo action. Best quote in the universe:

“I personally remember Ashley. She was really at her peak back then. I’m glad I got to her before Spitzer – she looked a lot better at 18.” [Joe Francis, founder of Girls Gone Wild]

In the end, the crew shot seven tapes of Dupre footage – who is now 22 – but had to send her home to North Carolina after they caught her drinking.


The Post, in their infinite glory, have posted TWO galleries of pictures, to include a quasi-striptease during a spring break party, her getting shitfaced and passing out at a club, and some old fashioned skirt lifting.

Sample photo after the jump…


Spice It Up: Traveling Together

Though my days as a carefree (ha!) graduate student are nearing their end, it is officially “spring break” for Honey. And in that spirit, here’s a travel edition of my blog. Traveling with your SO has some fantastic benefits: shared experience and the inevitable inside jokes and stories that result bond you as a couple; you get to get the hell out of your been-there, done-that town and do something cool; when you’re out of the comfort zone that you live in, you’re more likely to get out of your comfort zone sexually. Of course, it’s an intense dose of your SO, and anything that annoys you about him or her is likely to be intensified as a result of so much undiluted time together–kind of like drinking lemon juice instead of lemonade. But, if you’re willing to put a little effort in, you can have an absolutely amazing time. Here you are: Honey’s Top Five Tips for Tantric Travel (okay, maybe not tantric, but the alliteration was just too much to resist…)

Tip #1: Don’t Forget the Pragmatics–A Mini Checklist

Okay, I hate to start out with the boring advice, but you’ll never really be able to enjoy your trip if you don’t feel absolutely confident that everything’s taken care of so that you can relax while you’re away. My BF’s ex got sick on every single trip they ever went on because she was so stressed about things going well.

  • Pack Airborne, painkillers, Kaopectate, and Benadryl in addition to any prescription medications.
  • Hire a petsitter or a housesitter. If you’re nervous about being away, most services will call or e-mail you daily to let you know everything’s all right.
  • Arrange rides to and from the airport. Make sure your return flight doesn’t get you back so late that you have to rush off to work the next morning tired (thus ruining whatever relaxing effect the vacation had).
  • Check the weather for your destination, and pack for inclement weather.
  • Bring at least 150% of the money you think you will spend (twice as much is better, especially if you’re traveling abroad).
  • If you can afford it (and depending on what time you will get in or fly out) consider reserving your hotel room for an extra day on either side of when you plan to be there. Then you can check in or out at your leisure rather than at the hotel’s convenience (I have yet to be able to afford to do this, but can’t wait for the day when I can!). Nothing’s worse than a redeye flight when you can’t check into your room until 2.

I know I’m being a little bit of a Virgo here, but you’ll feel much more free to relax, be spontaneous, and enjoy yourself if you know that everything that can be taken care of, is.


Famous Hooker Wins Millions In Smut Lottery


ashley alexandra dupreIt looks like any where from $1M to $5M. See here. Dupre’s also cashed in about $200K from her two singles on Not bad for a week’s work. Finally, here’s an overview article from CBSNEWS that details her prospects and calls her a “club rat.” Sweet. There’s some stuff about Charlie Sheen, a cheerleader outfit, and a threesome floating around, but I can’t bring myself to post it. That’s my smut threshold.

I totally don’t have a problem with any of this. Good on her. Doing the Gov and raking in millions is way WAY better than working 40 hours per and making $45k a year. I dare anyone to argue with that. Really. There is a definitely a feeling of begrudging admiration.

Don’t spend it all on blow, sister, and get yourself a college degree. While you’re at it, invest so you don’t have to turn tricks at age 30 with regular johns for a quarter of what you’re getting now.

Photo credit New York Daily News.

Spitzer: Power, Sex, and Douchebaggery

Great little article from Newsweek online, called The Cheating Man’s Brain. Attempts to shed light on why high powered blowhards like Eliot Spitzer cheat. Boils down to a) high testosterone levels, b) sensation seeking, and c) because they can. I love it. Kind of sounds like me…or something.


As the saying goes, power is also an aphrodisiac—and that’s been true, says Kruger, as long as humans have been around. “In our evolutionary history, men who had lots of resources and status and power were able to have more than one partner. Your body is basically saying if you have this power, you should use it, because that’s what has worked before,” he says. “Even in modern history, whether you’re talking about medieval kings or sultans or rock stars, quite a few have multiple partners. So you’re not so surprised to see this dynamic in politics today.”


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