10 Twitter Hotties You Should Follow

Inspired by this post about sexy twitterers at the Ms. Single Mama blog, I decided to put together a list of my favorite Twitter hotties. I nosed around and found 10 hot chicks well worth following.

I had a couple of requirements for this little exercise. 1) The Twitter person had to be hot (duh) and have pictures or video floating around somewhere, and 2) she had to write no-BS useful tweets. Not just “its monday need coffee LOL,” but links, cool stuff, and things I find amusing. Responding and RT’ing was also helpful. Basically, the hottie had to be a good Twitter citizen.

With that in mind, here are my Twitter hotties. If you have a hottie that I missed, leave in comments.

1. Becky Young

Becky Young, aka Aktrez, is a hottie more popularly known in video gaming circles. She created the Girls Entertainment Network (GEN), consults for gaming companies, and does a bit of modeling and acting. I’ve had a little thing for Aktrez for some time, as gaming/geekery/hotness really gets my loins burning. Blog: http://aktrez.tv/, Twitter:  @aktrez

Becky Young aka Aktrez

2. Amanda Congdon

Amanda Congdon is a video blogger, Internet personality, and the former host for the popular Rocketbook. Yeah, I think she’s pretty hot. Watch the little video below and you’ll see why I think this. See her site at amandacongdon.com and Twitter @amazingamanda, where she’s pretty active.

Video interview:


3. Justine Ezarik

Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine, has got herself a Twitter account with a hearty 46,000+ followers and over 6000 updates. She fires off great stuff about technology and Apple, so if you’re a fanboy, she’s right up your alley. I debated whether she was hot, as she’s always making goofy faces on her vids at Tasty Blog Snack, but what the hell she makes the list. We can’t be too picky on Twitter. @iJustine

Recent vid from her blog:


4. Veronica Belmont

Ahhhh, Veronica Belmont, how I love thee. The co-host of Tekzilla is one of the most followed Tweeps, clocking in at nearly 57,000 followers, which is top 10 all-time. If you like hot chicks and tech, you’ll like Veronica.  @veronica

Funny thing about Belmont is she used to be NOT hot, as in she was pretty plain Jane looking as you can see in this video:


Well, apparently she got a clue and an edgier haircut, because she’s shifted over to hottie land. See the photo gallery on the Bui Brothers site. Just goes to show you a good haircut and some cool duds makes a world of difference, even for chicks.


5. Summer Glau

Summer Glau is the actress behind the good Terminator in Sarah Connor Chronicles. I’m a sci-fi geek and if you’re reading this you probably are too, which means you caught at least one episode of the TV series. She hasn’t updated since July 28, 2008, but her tweets about working on the set are freakin’ cool. Example:

“Latest BSG theory: the final cylon model is actually Six’s twin sister”

Sci-Fi geeks unite! @summer_glau


6. Sasha Grey

From sci-fi we go to porn, with adult film actress Sasha Grey gracing the Twitterverse. Very cool to read the random musings of a 20-year-old smokin’ hot porn star. I think I have a bit of a crush on her. No pics on her Twitter page, but any Google search will turn up plenty, most of which are obviously NSFW. Check out her American Apparel ad (NSFW) on The Reverse Cowgirl blog…the sex appeal absolutely destroys, plus you’re getting her lovely ta-tas. I’ve fantastized about this image like 20 times. @sasha_grey

Sample tweet from January 19:

“Waiting around…to shoot a 4 way gg scene! Wooo hoo, only downside is we’re outside:( “

Here’s Sasha on The Insider :


7. Apple Levy

From porn to green.  Yea! Hey, I’m environmentally conscious, too. Check out Apple Levy, the hottie founder of thegreengirls.com, a portal site for the green lifestyle. They’ve got some great content, be sure to stop by, and be sure to follow Apple on Twitter. @greengirls


8. Tracy Hepler

Another granola hottie is Tracy Hepler, co-founder of Your Daily Thread, a site about green lifestyles in Los Angeles. Damn! When did treehugger chicks get so friggin’ hot?? Hepler posts lots of good links on Twitter.  @YourDailyTracy.

Tracy Hepler twitter

9. Erin Blaskie

I had to stick an Internet marketer in here since the Twitterverse is filthy with Internet marketers…you can’t throw a stone without hitting 10 of them (kind of like lawyers in real life). Well, Blaskie is pretty much the hottest one of the lot, IMO. If you’re looking for some quality tweets about marketing your stuff, check her out. Yum. @erinblaskie



One of my fav hottie Twitterers, Jackie from Vancouver, aka Girlwithnoname, is a majorly fit chick who tweets prolifically about working out, health, fitness, and nutrition. Definitely a must-follow if you’re interested in any of those things. She’s punched out nearly 10,000 tweets, which is a shit ton. Damn, I’d love to suck some warm honey off those abs…@girlwithnoname


There’s your 10 Twitter hotties, feel free to leave any must-follows in the comments. Some honorable mentions that didn’t make my list for one reason or another but worth checking out: @zadi @tinafey @thekateolson @feliciaday @modelmandylynn @clubjenna.